Sleights get better of Leicester tourists

SLEIGHTS Bowling Club had a very enjoyable day when it hosted the Leicester County Men’s Touring Team on Wednesday.

It was six rinks of fours and the 24 Sleights men played extremely well to win by 10 shots, in front of the many spectators from both Sleights and Leicester.

On Saturday, the club played a friendly game against Scalby away, which they lost by 33 shots.

Sleights won against Leicester County Men at home, 113-103: E Sanderson, M Wade, J Coxon, J R Moore lost, 17–24; K Thompson, R Clark, S Leadbetter, B Dixon, lost 14–24; I Harrison, B Lawson, J Dixon, A Rutland, won 24–13; J Pybus, C Gray, D Isherwood, P Franks, won 17–14; T Bogg, B Raw, W Nicol, H Dyson, won 27–13; E White, T Reid, D Metcalfe, I Roberts, lost 14–15.

Sleights lost against Scalby away, 94-127: L White, J Dixon, I Pearson, O Tordoff, lost 11–22; J Pybus, E Clark, D Marshall, M Swalwell, lost 14–15; E White, J Moore, D Isherwood, C Shardlow, lost 15–27; T Reid, S Leadbetter, D Metcalfe, P Harrison, lost 17–20; M Wade, R Clark, C Hodgkinson, B McLean, lost 13–30; I Harrison, JR Moore, R Isherwood, J Blythman, won 24–13.