Sleights earn cup advantage

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Sleights Bowling Club played Marske away in the first leg for the Ellie Hildyard Cup, in beautiful weather for their first game of the season.

It was a close game, which Sleights won by just four shots. This could help them to regain the trophy won by Marske last year, when the return leg is played at Sleights later in the season.

Sleights beat Marske away 109-105: K Thompson, B Raw, D Marshall, E Clark won 22-7. I Harrison, A Foster, Be Raw, R Isherwood lost 18-19.

M Wade, R Clark, B Lawson, F Bogg, lost 12-22.

E White, L White, P Franks, P Harrison won 24-14. T Bogg, J Blythman, D Isherwood, C Shardlow lost 15-23. C Gray, F Lawson, P Perry, D Metcalfe lost 18-20.