Sleights Bowls Club

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Match results for week ending 18 September.

Sleights played two trophy matches to end their playing season.

Firstly, winning back the Ellie Hillyard Cup, played for against Marske, by beating them away earlier in the year, as well as at home. However, the satisfaction of this was very much dampened by losing the Challenge Shield to the club’s friends at the Castleton and Danby Club, which is also played for on a home and away basis.

They went to Castleton on Saturday, with a deficit of 22 shots to make up from the first leg, and knowing it would be a hard task. But on a beautiful day, and wonderful playing conditions, Castleton and Danby were the better team and won by 24 shots.

To end the season, the ladies played the men in a good natured and very close game on six rinks. Two rinks were draws, one was won by the ladies and three by the men.

Sleights won against Marske at home 120 to 99: I Harrison, B Lawson, R Isherwood, E Clark, won 21 - 14, E White, W Nicol, D Metcalfe, M Swalwell, won 21 - 14, F Lawson, R Clark, C Hodgkinson, P Harrison, lost 14 - 24, J Moore, J Coxon, D Welford, L Campbell, won 31 - 14, E Sanderson, D Marshall, I Pearson, H Brown, lost 15 - 19, M Wade, S Leadbetter, L White, J Blythman, won 18 - 24.

Sleights lost to Castleton and Danby away, 101 to 125: S Harrison, J Moore, B Raw, P Perry, won 26 - 11, I Harrison, R Clark, J Coxon, E Clark, won 18 - 16, J Pybus, W Nicol, B Lawson, F Bogg, lost 16 - 25, T Bogg, J Blythman, D Lewis, M Swalwell, lost 12 - 27, K Thompson, F Lawson, D Metcalfe, D Marshall, lost 14 - 22, C Gray, M Wade, Be Raw, P Harrison, lost 15 - 24.