Sleights Bowls Club

Match Results for week ending 3 July

Sleights Bowling Club was knocked out of the last of the County and Zone competitions they were in by Kirkbymoorside away, when they were beaten in the second round of the Zone 3 on Friday evening.

They also played two Friendly matches, losing to Burniston away, but winning at home against Thornton le Dale

Sleights lost to Kirkbymoorside away, 65 to 84: E White, T Reid, M Wade, F Lawson, lost 15 - 17; I Harrison, S Harrison, E Sanderson, P Harrison, lost 19 - 20; K Thompson, C Gray, B Lawson, J Blythman, lost 12 - 21; J Pybus, T Bogg, J Moore, F Bogg, lost 19 - 26.

Sleights lost to Burniston away, 88 to 102: T Reid, J Blythman, I Pearson, E Clark, won 23 - 14; B Lawson, P Perry, D Isherwood, O Tordoff, lost 15 - 21; M Wade, R Clark, R Isherwood, P Harrison, lost 21 - 23; F Lawson, D Welford, C Cowen, C Shardlow, lost 15 - 16; J Pybus, P Franks, J Coxon, B McLean, lost 14 - 28.

Sleights won against Thornton le Dale, at home, 64 to 59: M Wade, O Tordoff, L Campbell, lost 12 - 18; E Sanderson, C Cowen, P Perry, won 19 - 9; B Lawson, R Isherwood, P Harrison, won 21 - 12; J Blythman, D Isherwood, H Brown, lost 12 - 20.