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Match Results

Week ending 1 May

On Saturday 30 April Sleights Bowling Club played their first match of the season, beating Marske away in the first leg for the Ellie Hillyard Trophy, to take a lead of 37 into the home game later in the year.

On the following day, and in brilliant sunshine, 16 teams took part in the annual Captains Pairs. This is a knockout competition where players choose their own partners and it is played over nine ends with four woods each.

Amongst the many excellent second round games, Ian and Pat Harrison beat Roly and Eileen Clark, Eddie and Lucy White beat Nick and Lola Campbell, Steve Harrison and Keith Thompson beat John Pybus and Mary Swalwell, Pat Perry and Hilda Brown beat David Marshall and Olive Tordoff.

In the semi finals, Eddie and Lucy beat Ian and Pat, whilst Steve and Keith beat Pat and Hilda.

In the excellent final, Eddie and Lucy White who won it last year, were attempting to make it two in a row, against the previous years winner, Steve Harrison with a different partner. However it was Steve and Keith Thompson who went into an early lead and consolidated this, no matter how Eddie and Lucy tried. So it was Steve Harrison and Keith Thompson who emerged as this year’s worthy winners.

Sleights won against Marske away, 125 - 88: T Bogg, L White, P Shardlow, F Bogg, won 20 - 10; K Thompson, T Reid, I Pearson, O Tordoff, won 25 - 13; I Harrison, F Lawson, P Franks, P Harrison, lost 16 - 17; E White, E Clark, M Wade, D. etcalfe, lost 15 - 20; C Gray, R Clark, B Lawson, C Shardlow, lost 19 - 20; S Harrison, J Moore, D Isherwood, J Blythman, won 30 - 8.