Short supplies the goods in tight match

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An afternoon dog walk on Sandsend beach soon revealed conditions for Sunday’s Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association’s evening match were going to be far from ideal.

Fishing down to and over low water 19.12 hrs, 1.9 , it was a very slow match at a time of year when fish move into deeper water to spawn.

Finding some sprats washed up on the beach was not a good sign and it was not going to be a very productive night, but being optimistic tried them as a bait anyway.

Of the 17 members fishing, only five were at the scales with six codlings and one whiting for 17 lb 1 oz. Many members reported not having a bite all night – those that did were lucky enough to weigh-in, one bite one fish.

Rich Cope, fishing a new mark, was man of the match with three codlings for 7 lb 8 oz. Paul Short landed the heaviest fish of the night, a codling of 5 lb 7 oz caught shortly after 9pm as the flood took hold.

Ben Laws’ run of good form came to an end, reporting hooking into a good fish, only for his line to be dragging up another angler’s snagged line.

The see-sawing action of the other angler trying to release his line, cut through Ben’s line, with the fish lost.

Dave Perrett’s night went from bad to worse when his main head torch’s lead broke, with his back-up in a similar condition he was kindly lent a lamp by Mike Vasey who was out pleasure fishing.

The Fleece, Church Street, have agreed to sponsor the WSAA annual Open match again, which this year will be on Sunday November 15, fishing 10am - 4pm.

Results: 1 R Cope with 3 codlings for 7 lb 8 oz, 2 P Short 1 codling for 5 lb 7 oz, 3 P Horbury 1 codling for 2 lb 2 oz, 4 J Wrigley 1 codling for 1 lb 2 oz, 5 M Garbutt 1 whiting for 14 oz.

l The high pressure system slowly moved away from the west coast since Sunday, replacing the north westerly wind with a gentle south westerly breeze for last Wednesday’s Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association. The northerly swell had faded to a mere ‘wave slap’ on the beach, with little to no colour.

This was a three-hour scratching match, fished up and over high water in the third quarter of the lunar cycle. The beaches were popular and members were kept busy with under-sized codlings, whitings, and billets.

Fresh lug worm, razor, and mackerel strips were the baits of choice. A couple of members reported having their rods pulled out of their rod rests, suspected bass bites, but none landed.

Nine members returned to the scales with 45 assorted fish, 32 whitings, seven flat fish and six codlings for 37 lb 6 oz.

Ben Laws was man of the match for the fourth match in a row with 18 whitings for 14 lb 4 oz, his heaviest whiting weighed-in at 1 lb 10½ oz.

Colin Stainthorpe, for the second match in a row, weighed-in the heaviest fish of the night, a codling of 2 lb 4 oz.

Ben has closed the gap to Andrew Cass to 3 lb 5 oz.

Peter Horbury of WSAA said: “In Andrew’s defence, he has been doing night school classes at the RNLI, missing a few Wednesday matches, but will, he says, extend the gap on his return.”

Denis Thompson reported hooking, and losing, a good fish of about 7 lb. He managed to lift it so far up the cliff mark, but the fish became un-hooked.

Results, Wednesday

1 B Laws with 18 whitings for 14 lb 4 oz, 2 C Stainthorpe 3 codlings for 4 lb 12 oz, 3 P Horbury 1 codling, 4 whitings for 4 lb 9 oz, 4 P Short 1 flat fish, 4 whitings for 4 lb 7 oz, 5 J Moore 1 codling, 2 whitings, 1 flat fish 3 lb 6 oz, 6 R Cope 4 whitings, 1 flat fish for 2 lb 15 oz, 7 M Pitman 3 flat fish for 1 lb 10 oz, 8 D Thompson 1 codling for 1 lb 3 oz, 9 C McCarthy (Jnr) 1 flat fish for4 oz.