Seven boats turn out for double header

SEVEN boats came out on Saturday to compete in two races - the third in the series of pursuit races and a continuance of Whitby Yacht Club’s spring series.

A moderate force three south-easterly ensured a flat sea and fast sailing for the pursuit.

Nemesis led the fleet away, with BOB and Bullitt 2 three minutes behind her, Skywalker, four minutes later and Samaki five minutes after that.

The greyhounds, No Compromise and Antix were off, 21 and 22 minutes after Nemesis.

Nemesis lost concentration and hit the first mark, carrying out a penalty turn, allowing her to be caught by the charging Sonatas.

BOB gambled on setting her spinnaker while the rest of the fleet accepted that this was to be a white sail reach.

She paid dearly for it as the flogging ‘chute shattered her spinnaker pole leaving her unable to fly her kite for the rest of the race.

Bullitt 2 took advantage of this and established a lead she would hold throughout the race as the boats turned for a full run to Sandsend. The two backmarkers, No Compromise and Antix, started working their way through the fleet, passing Skywalker, Nemesis and Samaki and eventually breathing down the necks of BOB and Bullitt 2.

Time ran out and No Compromise didn’t manage to pass the Sonatas, but Antix stormed past BOB and was on the point of passing Bullitt 2, but Bullitt 2 held on by the skin of her teeth to record her first victory.

Result: 1 Bullitt 2, Matt Robinson, 2 Antix, John Allen, 3 BOB, Andy Martland and Bill Uppington.

When the boats came out for their second race, the Spring Series, the wind was following the forecast and had increased to a steady force four.

There was a very competitive start with Samaki and No Compromise just about getting the best of it, although it was a close bunch at the first mark.

Antix and No Compromise were quickly up to speed and rapidly hit the front.

In class B, Bullitt 2 and BOB continued their tussle, BOB now with a replacement spinnaker pole.

Antix established a lead over No Compromise, but the other class A boat, Samaki, was struggling with the increased wind, ending up with the class B boats.

In class B, BOB established a small lead over Bullitt 2 and Nemesis followed her own race.

The race finished with Antix taking the honours in Class A and BOB maintaining his lead in class B.

Result: Class A: 1 Antix, John Allen; 2 No Compromise, Derek Frank; 3 Samaki, Nigel Robinson; Class B: 1 BOB, Andy Martland and Bill Uppington; 2 Bullitt 2, Matt Robinson; 3 Nemesis, Nathaniel Drake.