Seasonal fair raises money for group

Danby Shotokan Karate Club with a cheque for �665
Danby Shotokan Karate Club with a cheque for �665

DANBY Shotokan karate hosted a Christmas Fair in the Danby Village Hall, which attracted a fantastic turnout and a total of £665 was raised for equipment and training aids for the club.

The club invited a team of Shotokan Black belt instructors from the Whitby Shotokan Karate Club to form a grading panel to grade the club members.

The grading panel consisted of Sensei Mike Howard 4th Dan (Chief instructor of the Whitby Club) and Senseis Chris Watmouth, Dan Howard and Luke Richardson.

The session started with warm-up exercises conducted by Nikita Smith 1st Kyu which lasted about 15 minutes.

Sensei Luke Richardson introduced the panel and gave a short talk before the grading commenced and told the club members he had known and trained with Sensei Sallyanne for many years and she still trained twice weekly in the Whitby club.

First to grade was Ben Peirson who passed his test and was awarded his first yellow tag.

Ruby Cameron Clarke, Niamh Elliott, Tala Elliott, Anna Featherstone, Aaron Lees Alex Peacock, Ben Peacock and Megan Lees all successfully passed their 3rd Mon exams and were awarded their 3rd yellow tag.

Dave Elliott took the 8th Kyu exam and passed with flying colours and was awarded with a red belt.

On completion of the grading, Sensei Mike Howard said that the whole club did very well and the gradings were of a very high standard.

He commented that if you train every week and work hard you will eventually gain that coveted black belt.

Sensei Howard praised Dave Elliott, saying his techniques were good and quite snappy.

Sensei Chris Watmouth commented that Dave was very well controlled during his (Kumite) sparring with Nikita Smith

Finally Sensei Luke did a demonstration of the Kata Heian Shodan and Sensei Dan Howard demonstrated the advanced black belt Kata Kanku Sho which is the crane on the rock kata as seen in the film Karate Kid.

Danby Shotokan Karate Club is registered with the Independent Federation of Martial Arts.

The instructor, Sensei Sallyann Smith, is a qualified black belt Sensei and registered with the federation.

The club trains at Danby Village Hall, Tuesdays 6-7pm.

For further information call Sallyann on (01287) 660328 or email