Seals swimmers excel in district swimming gala

Swimmers from Whitby Seals at the gala
Swimmers from Whitby Seals at the gala
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The eighth annual B and C graded swimming gala was held at Scarborough Swimming Pool and conducted under Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) technical swimming rules.

Children from 17 district swimming clubs, including Whitby Seals took part in the competition, with age grouping from nine to 11 and 12 to 14 years.

The competition is designed to ensure that all swimmers are competing in a level playing field as regard to swimming ability and speed.

The competing clubs enter their young swimmers, based on their personal best swimming time, into the competition at a grade B or C to match their ability.

The swimmers from all clubs compete individually within their age group and grade.

Finalists are awarded medals from first and sixth place, any swimmers exceeding the designated cut off time forfeit a medal position and are awarded a speeding ticket as they have exceeded the designated time for the event grade.

Whitby Seals Swimmers where awarded the following awards:

l 51 swimming medals.

l 10 speeding tickets (speeding tickets are awarded to swimmers who exceed the cut of time for any graded event)

l The Skins Swimming Competition is open to swimmers with the six fastest times taken from the individual medley events and who do not receive a speeding ticket.

Six swimmers compete in Skins over five swimming heats, after each race the losing swimmer is eliminated and so on until the last two remain to swim-off as a final; the overall winner receives a trophy and cash prize.

Whitby had the following swimmers qualify for skins:

Anna Lees

Girls 9 – 11yrs Skins

1st Place

Hollie Coates

Girls 12 – 14yrs Skins

3rd Place

Tilly Swales

Girls 12 - 14yrs Skins

4th Place