Seals awarded pups of day as Whitby hosts gala

Whitby Seals who took part in the club's novice swimming gala
Whitby Seals who took part in the club's novice swimming gala
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Whitby Seals hosted the second novice swimming gala in which youngsters battled it out with their counterparts from other clubs int he area.

The gala, at Whitby Leisure Centre’, also aimed to provide younger and developing swimmers an opportunity to swim in a friendly but competitive swimming gala.

Three swimming clubs took part – Whitby Seals ASC, Scarborough Kingfishers ASC and Loftus Dolphins ASC.

The swimmers are grouped within two age brackets, 9 & under and 11 & under.

The rules and regulations are relaxed to afford the young swimmers an opportunity to race and compete without being disqualified for swimming stroke or technical errors.

The gala is an excellent opportunity for the Seals’ young swimmers to compete as a member of a club team, young swimmers and parents all enjoy this gala.

Twenty five Seals swam, with each competitor swimming in at least four events.

Mark Boyce of Whitby Seals said: “Although the gala is low level, from a spectators’ and parents’ point of view, the competitive spirit and excitement is none the less if not better than the bigger galas.”

The gala was competitively split; Scarborough A team and Loftus Dolphins battled it out it out for 1st and 2nd place; Whitby Seals and Scarborough Kingfishers B team contended for 3rd and 4th place.

Results: 1st, 107 pts, Loftus Dolphins; 2nd, 80 pts, Scarborough Kingfishers A, 3rd, 69 pts Whitby Seals, 4th 44 points, Scarborough Kingfishers B.

Some excellent individual swims saw first places for Alphie Beesley, 25m breaststroke, Hannah Wharrick 25m backstroke, Lilly Hunter 25m freestyle and Lewis Dobson 25m breast stroke.

For outstanding effort and notable determination, Seals of the Day were awarded to Alex Marr (7) and Jessica Price (10). If you are interested in joining Whitby Seals Swimming Club, ask at the Seals desk in Whitby Leisure Centre any Thursday between 5.30pm and 7pm.