Samples the cream of Whitby crop against Wensleydale

Whitby win a lineout v Wensleydale
Whitby win a lineout v Wensleydale

AFTER gathering for a respectful two minutes’ silence, Whitby and Wensleydale kicked off, writes Spike McCormack.

The first few phases were dominated by Wensleydale as they rucked hard and pushed Maroons back.

Whitby v Wensleydale

Whitby v Wensleydale

Whitby responded by forcing themselves up the pitch, helped by superb rucking and driving from captain Kaz.

Maroons applied the pressure and Wensleydale conceded a penalty for illegal tackling on Sykes. Grimont threw the ball down the line to see Kaye force his way through a disorganised defence to score.

The early points led Maroons to ramp up the pressure. Darting runs from Wilson seem to have become his trademark and great backing up from the forwards secured the ball for the backs.

Whitby continued their fight up the field. A scrum under the posts gave Brown a perfect opportunity. Only inches from the line, Brown was halted by multiple defenders, JJ darted in and took the ball over the line for 12-0.

Monstrous tackles kept Wensleydale at bay, Radford and Jordan scrapped for the ball to regain possession while Russell shone in the lineouts to secure more ball.

Kaye handed the ball to Cannon who carved his way through the Wensleydale defensive line.

He placed the ball over the tryline for the final points of the half for 17-0.

A brilliant start to the second half saw a knock-on from Wensleydale give Whitby a scrum.

The game turned stagnant with neither team making any threatening runs for over 10 minutes.

Wensleydale broke the trend as they make a strong run down the wing to score their first points of the game.

In retaliation, Whitby inched up the field and seized the moment as Kaye charged down the centre of the pitch to slam the ball down under the posts.

From kick off Whitby find their stride once more. From the midfield, quick passing secured Wood the ball as he weaved through the opposition backs and slammed down the ball for a great try.

The under 16s have conquered the break down but support is sometimes lacking.

Try scorers: Kaye 2, JJ 1, Cannon 1, T. Wood 1; conversions: Grimont 3

Man of the match: Jordan Samples - great propping and awesome controlling of the break down.

Whitby U16s 31 Wensleydale U16s 5