Ruswarp win Rotary Shield at 27th Octoberfest


FINE weather brought the spectators out in force as mums and dads, brothers and sisters, grandmas and grandpas cheered, encouraged and applauded the younger generation to sterling achievements as they participated in the 27th annual Octoberfest Cross Country fun runs.

Organised by the Rotary Club of Whitby and District, the event was held at Caedmon School campus and more than 80 youngsters representing 12 local educational establishments pounded round an undulating course of grassland rough tracks and public footpaths.

The Rotary Challenge Cup for the school fielding the most runners,was awarded to Ruswarp C of E with East Whitby runners up and Stakesby third.

Event co-ordinator Harry Collett thanked fellow Rotarians, family members and helpers for their assistance in running the event, to former Mayor Coun Terry Jennison (deputising for Mayor John Freeman) for presenting athletes with their commemorative medals and to St John Ambulance for their presence.

Results (top for of each category)

Year 3 boys: 1 Kane Morrison, East Whitby, 2.56; 2 Sam Spenceley, Lythe, 2.57; 3 Gian Luca Mastrolonardo, Sleights, 3.06; 4 Bobby James, Stakesby, 3.16; years 3 girls: 1 Janaya Jay, Ruswarp, 3.17; 2 Abbie Taylor, St Hilda’s, 3.26; 3 Anna Willison, Ruswarp, 3.29; 4 Anna-Jane Coates, East Whitby, 4.02; year 4 boys: 1 Slater Jay, Ruswarp, 4.32; 2 David Willison, Ruswarp, 4.47; 3 Fred Witney, Airy Hill, 4.52; 4 Hughie Longhurst, Ruswarp, 4.55; year 4 girls: 1 Daisy Stokoe, West Cliff, 5.54; 2 Leah Kemsley, East Whitby, 6.01; Leah Brunton, Airy Hill, 6.05; 4 Grace Ellen Miller, Stakesby, 6.13; year 5 girls: 1 Maia Hall, Goathland, 5.54; 2 Heidi Price, Ruswarp, 6.01; 3 Abbie White, Stakesby, 6.43, 4 Poppy Hansell, Ruswarp, 6.53; year six-plus boys: 1 Dylan Swales, Caedmon, 5.09; 2 Rory Hansell, Caedmon, 5.11; 3 Joe Lees, Eskdale, 5.21; 4 Noah Hunter, Stakesby, 5.52; year six girls: 1 Jasmine Kent, Airy Hill, 5.11; 2 Anna Lees, Glaisdale, 6.11; 3 Talia Frankland, Ruswarp, 6.43; 4 Zenia Belchamber, Airy Hill, 6.45,