Rugby coaching for Whitby school boys

Rugby training for Eskdale and Caedmon year nines
Rugby training for Eskdale and Caedmon year nines

YEAR nine boys from Whitby’s Caedmon and Eskdale Schools enjoyed an afternoon of rugby where they displayed a range of ability and knowledge of the game.

The first hour was dedicated to skills and techniques.

Community rugby coach Dan Coates introduced drills to improve contact skills, handling techniques and basic spatial awareness.

The boys were then split into teams and in the second hour, three coaching games were played.

Schools sports co-ordinator Pete Woolley said: “The lads enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of rugby at Caedmon.

“It was great for the year nines from both middle schools to mix and then play competitively against each other.

“There was some real talent on show and I hope some of the boys might follow up the session by training at the club on a Sunday morning.”