Riders tackle Heartbeat countryside

Goathland Hunt
Goathland Hunt

Everyone hopes for good weather when organising a hunt ride.

Goathland Hunt recovered from a horrendous ride last year to experience the opposite this time - no wind, good going, sunshine and no rain.

Goathland Hunt on their trek across the moors

Goathland Hunt on their trek across the moors

It was on the day of the day of the Great North Run and many horse events so numbers suffered a little.

Riders who came from the Kirbymoorside, Pickering and Thornton Dale areas were amazed at the sunshine as that area was in thick fog when they left home.

Competitors left the very exposed venue at Greenend, near Goathland, in brilliant sunshine with terrific views over to RAF Fylingdales, Goathland and beyond over towards Stape.

The riders dropped into the valley to Grosmont and made their way up the other side of the valley and over the fields towards Randymere Reservoir and on to Hazel Head where they could see the views for miles and miles of TV’s Heartbeat countryside.

They then made their way down and across the valley to Hunt House and the Roman Road back onto the moor passing the outskirts of Goathland Village (TV’s Aidensfield) before heading out onto the moor, in sight of Greengrass’s farm and onto the top again dropping down to Moor Gates, under the Railway bridge and coming back along the other side of the valley finishing with a long stretch of moorland grasstrack to canter home.

There were a lot of happy faces at the end and everyone seemed to have had a wonderful time.

The first horses home came back at a cracking pace and even the horses whinnied their enjoyment after they got back to the venue.

One rider was accompanied by a friend with pony and trap and they managed most of the course without resorting to too much roadwork.

The ride was about 14 miles and everyone was very enthusiastic and keen to come back again next year. The committee of the Goathland Hunt thank the landowners, keepers and volunteers who made this ride so enjoyable for all and all the riders who took part.