Richie’s Scot high hopes ahead of Open

Whitby darts ace Richie Parkin (left) with sponsor Derek Coverdale of St George Security
Whitby darts ace Richie Parkin (left) with sponsor Derek Coverdale of St George Security

Whitby darts ace Richie Parkin tackles the BDO Scottish Open this weekend and the Swan stalwart is full of confidence ahead of the category A event.

“Once I get my confidence up, I don’t mind who I get.” he told the Whitby Gazette.

“I’m aiming to reach the last 64 to get some ranking points.” he revealed.

“I was unlucky at Blackpool with bounce-outs- it’s just one of those things.

Richie, who plays for the Black Swan in town on a Thursday night, beat Lancashire’s Graham Hogarth at the World Trophy.

“I scored well, hit two 180s and finished well.” Richie said.

“In the second game I played Paul Brown from Ireland. He beat me 4-2, I played really well, hitting huge scores but had five bounce-outs at important times, which cost me.

“I’m holding my head high with how I played and who knows what could have happened if I never had the bounce outs.” he added.

The 29-year-old reached the last 32 in his first event of the year, The Middlesbrough Open, a week earlier.

PDC star Terry Temple proved an obstacle too far, with missed doubles costing Richie dear.

The Glaswegian spectacular features all the BDO’s top stars, including Martin ‘Wolfy’ Adams and Tony ‘The Silverback’ O’Shea.

“There’s 400-odd players”, Richie revealed. “We play the best of seven legs at first and it’s an all-day thing.”

He’s also had some support from one of the more senior players on the circuit.

“I was sat with Dave Prins at Blackpool, who got to the last eight, and he just said ‘keep going, just keep chucking.’”

“I’ve slowed down a bit and my finishing’s getting there. I’d get a bit excited after a big score- I’d be getting 180 then following it up with a 26.”, Richie lamented.

Although he’s confident whoever he gets in the ranking event, Richie’s hoping for a bit of a kinder draw than in recent tournaments. “In the Welsh open, I got Darryl Fitton. I had a couple of throws at double top in the first leg but that was it.

“It’s typical of the draws I got last year.”

The Whitby thrower isn’t just considering adapting his throw either.

“I might enter the doubles.” he revealed. “Mind you, I’ve never played well in a doubles match. I’m going up Friday morning, so we’ll see by then.”