Purple belt honour for Whitby karate club pair

New purple belts Joe Davies and Josh Winter (centre) with Senseis Dan Howard and Luke Richardson
New purple belts Joe Davies and Josh Winter (centre) with Senseis Dan Howard and Luke Richardson

A special presentation was made at the Whitby Shotokan Karate Club.

Joe Davies and Josh Winter were presented with their new purple belts from Sensei Jim White 3rd dan black belt and Sensei Dan Howard 2nd dan and Sensei Luke Richardson 1st dan.

Purple Belt in the Shotokan syllabus (5th Kyu) is usually classed as the stepping stone of Karate where the student is moving up to the senior and more advanced grades of Shotokan.

The grading took place at Airy Hill School and lasted about 55 minutes.

The grading panel consisting of the clubs senior black belts put both young candidates through their paces – this was a hard grading and both students excelled.

They were required to demonstrate all blocks with quick reverse punches, followed by some complicated open hand techniques.

They had to perform three kicks (side snap, side thrust and the round house kick off one leg, three times, moving forward. The Kata Heian Yondan (Peaceful Minds number 5) had to be performed in the highest Shotokan karate spirit at this level.

The sparing with partners consisted of Ippon Kumite which is individual body attacks and defences against an opponent followed by the same attacks while moving in a defensive stance.

Each student had to free fight against higher grades for two minutes each.

Sensei Jim White said: “It was a fantastic grading and both students upheld the high standard which is required by the Independent Federation of Martial Arts and the Whitby Shotokan karate Club Instructors.”

Whitby Shotokan Karate Club is registered with the Independent Federation Of Martial Arts.

All instructors are qualified black belt Senseis and hold City & Guilds Diplomas for Coaching Adults and Children, including Health and Safety and Child Protection.

The club trains twice weekly at Airy Hill Primary School courtesy of Headmaster Jim Lidgley, Mondays and Thursday.

Classes are: novices 5.30pm to 6.30pm, intermediate 6.30pm to 7.30pm and advanced 7.30pm to 9pm.

Anyone interested in learning the martial skills of Shotokan Karate or self defence can contact Mike Howard 4th dan black belt on (01947) 604861; Jim White 3rd dan black belt 820378, or Chris Watmough 3rd dan black belt 821579.