Pollocks looking tasty for Whitby angling festival

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WHITBY’S spring angling festival gets under way again on Saturday (2 April) with a £1,000 jackpot for the person who lures in the heaviest fish.

And the omens are looking good already after Brian Cope landed an impressive 15lb pollock - his personal bext and also a best-ever for local boat, Sea Urchin.

Brian landed the fish on Sunday from a long offshore trip.

Mick Leonard, who owns Sea Urchin, said: “The boat was mainly full of novice anglers who also caught plenty of cod on the bait but the pollock were the main sport.

“I think Brian landed four all over 10lb and one around 13lb while I managed to land one just over 8lb in between untangling and re-rigging.

“The festival looks to me like a pollock winner although we did see a double figure ling as well on the boat on Sunday but my money is on the pollock in this year’s spring festival.

“Let’s just hope the weather stays fine.”

The festival runs from Saturday 2 April to Sunday 17 April - keep an eye on the latest results in the Whitby Gazette and on our website www.whitbygazette.co.uk/sport