Phoenix leading race for second

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THE all-conquering march by Esk Valley continues, with their latest conquest being an eight-point victory over Whitehall.

The high point in the match was a 99 from Whitehall’s Steve Baker which was matched by a similar score by Nigel Scarth for the league leaders. However, the real difference between the two teams lay with the supporting shooters for Esk Valley who all contributed good scores.

With the title already decided, Phoenix did their chances of finishing in second place no harm by beating Average in the race for the runners up title.

Simon Darrington, recovering from a run of lean scorers over the past three weeks, found some better form returning a 98 to see Phoenix home with two points to spare.

The most exciting match of the round proved to be the Country Lads match with Castle Park which Country Lads looked likely to lose, until that is, Derek Atkinson shooting last, and needing 97 just to draw, returned a 98 to ensure a one-point victory over a luckless Castle Park team.

In B League, an off-day by Patch allowed Watkinson’s to establish a two-point lead after their top of the table clash in Round 16.

With not a great deal to beat, Ivan Addams was top scorer for Watkinson’s with 95 which proved influential in their six-point victory over Patch who hold onto second place from Firemen.

Despite a 97 from Dave Hill, Farmers found themselves just those few points short in their match against Firemen who were back to winnings ways after a run of three straight defeats.

Still not out of the title race, 95s from Brian Gibbons and Paul Cattermole got Firemen off to the start they wanted eventually easing to victory with five points to spare.

Results, A League

Country Lads 379 D Atkinson 98 M Atkinson 96 R Lamerton 94 S Atkinson 91 beat Castle Park 378 C Dossor 96 C Moore 96 M Dossor 93 R Oliver 93; Esk Valley 388 N Scarth 99 J Hay 97 C Williamson 97 M Robinson 95 beat Whitehall 380 S Baker 99 D Lawrence 97 T Coates 96 A Rowell 88; Phoenix 383 S Darrington 98 P Hurworth 96 M Marsay 96 J Halley 93 beat Average 381.

B League

Firemen 369 B Gibbons 95 P Cattermole 95 I Clarkson 90 M Geer 89 beat Farmers 364 D Hill 97 J Elliott 91 Y Williamson 89 R Franks 87; Watkinson’s 369 I Addams 95 J Kenworthy 93 M Bennett 91 M Troughton 90 beat Patch 363 C Rutland 92 J Wood 91 P Rutland 90 I Harrison 90.