Pair’s fish surprise everyone as winds howl

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WHITBY Sea Anglers fished Wednesday night’s three-hour match in windy conditions as a west south west wind prevailed and did not ease all night.

Members sort a sheltered mark but with little colour in the water and with a little close to shore swell, fishing and chasing down an all ebb match on a big tide did not have real potential for a fish or two, unless the beaches still had the whiting around.

It was a dark, clear night until 9pm when a bright red moon rose above the horizon to the east and progressively got brighter and the bites got fewer. Whiting were taking a cocktail of mackerel strip and lug worm.

Man of the match was James Gilpin with 11 whiting and four flat fish for 9lb 12oz.

Whiting are of a good stamp, around 1lb and Andrew Cass caught one of 1lb 4oz.

Nine members were at the scales with 56 fish for 51lb 5oz. Neil Inglis and Dave Perrett surprised everyone by weighing in four codling between them.

Dave’s fish of 4lb 8oz, the heaviest fish of the match, was caught on his second cast and was the only bite all evening.

Neil reported the conditions on the end of the west pier were unpleasant as the wind was directly in the face and made casting and bite detection difficult.

That concludes January’s nine matches and Matthew Garbutt won both sweeps, heaviest fish 7lb 13oz and heaviest bag 26lb 2oz, both on 20 January.

In total members weighed in 194 fish over the month for 238lb 13oz.

Results: 1 J Gilpin with 1 whiting, 4 flat fish for 9lb 12oz, 2 M Garbutt 9 whiting for 7lb 15oz, 3 N Inglis 3 codling for 7lb 6oz, 4 D Hambley 8 whiting for 6lb 7oz, 5 P Horbury 7 whiting for 5lb 14oz, 6 D Perrett 1 codling for 4lb 8oz, 7 A Cass 6 whiting for 4lb 3oz, 8 R Allison 5 whiting for 3lb 10oz, 9 B Laws 2 whiting for 1lb 10oz.

Filey have announced the following open dates. Fords Open 23 June fishing 9am-2pm, weigh-in 3pm; Filey John Smith Open 3 November, Heaviest Fish Match, 9am-2pm, weigh-in 3pm.

Whitby Sea Anglers Associations 34th Annual Open will be on 17 November.

WSAA Annual presentation night will be on Saturday 20 April 7.45pm at The Stables.

Members are asked to take in their trophies for engraving.