Pair break Seals club records

Morgann Russell and Rohan Ebbs broke three club records between them on the night.
Morgann Russell and Rohan Ebbs broke three club records between them on the night.
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SWIMMER Morgann Russell and Rohan Ebbs broke thre records between them as members of Whitby Seals were presented with trophies in a special presentation event.

Morgann achieved new bests for her freestyle and breaststroke in the club gala, while Rohan broke the record in the boys’ open age group breaststroke.

Here is a round-up of the results.

Abbreviation translation:

F/s - Freestyle, Br/s – Breaststroke, FLY – Butterfly, Bk/s – Backstroke, IM – Individual Medley, ® - Record time

Boys 6 years 10m Freestyle 1 Henry Cornforth, boys 7 years 10m Freestyle Tom Maud; girls’ 8 years 10m freestyle Emily Leather; boys 8 years 10m freestyle Deacon Gurney; girls 6 years 25m freestyle 1 Sophie Wilkinson; girls 7 years 25m Abbie Taylor 1 F/s + Bk/s; girls 8 years 25m Olivia Coates 1 F/s, Bk/s, Br/s; Emelia Walker 1 Br/s, 2nd Bk/s; Darci Storr 2 Br/s, 3 F/s+Bk/s, Macey Raine 2 F/s; boys 8 years 25m Kobie Boocock 1 Bk/s, 3 Br/s + 3 F/s, Issac Hall 1 Br/s, 2 F/s, Ben Wilkinson 1 F/s, Bailey Stamp 2 Br/s, 3 Bk/s, Jonathan Hare 2 Bk/s; girls 9/10 years Jaz Kent 1 F/s, Br/s, IM 2 Fly + Bk/s, Mia Hall 1 Bk/s, 2 F/s+IM, 3 Fly, Anna Lees 1 Fly, 2 Br/s, 3 IM+F/s.

Boys 9/10 years Ben Botham 1 F/s, Fly, IM, Bk/s, 2 Br/s, Owen Robson 1 Br/s, 2 Fly, F/s, Br/s + IM, Harry Coates 3 F/s, Fly, Bk/s, Billy Fewster 3 Br/s, Joseph Leather 3 IM. Girls 11+12 Years, Tilly Swales 1 Bk/s, IM, Br/s, Hollie Coates 1 F/s, 2 Bk/s, IM 3 Br/s, Natasha Kent 2 F/s, 3 IM Danielle Walker 2 Br/s, Kaitlin Swales 3 Bk/s. Boys 11/12 Years Joseph Lees 1 F/s, Fly, Br/s, IM, 2 Bk/s, Alfie Swales 1 Bk/s, 2 F/s, Fly,Br/s, IM, Mathew Tiplady 3 F/s, Fly, Im, Bk/s, Callum Smythe 3 Br/s. Girls 13/14 years Morgann Russell 1st® F/s, Fly, Bk/s, Br/s®, IM, Anna Sweeney 2 Br/s+IM, 3 F/s, Bk/s, Millie Storr 2 F/s +Bk/s, 3 IM, Fly, Niamh Sweeney 2 Fly. Boys 13/14 Years James Raistrick 1 F/s, Bk/s, Br/s, IM, Fly, Macauley Russell 2 F/s, Fly, Bk/s, Br/s, IM. Girls Open age group Charity Swales 1 F/s, Bk, IM, Laura Annis 1 Fly, 2 Br/s, F/s, IM, Jess Scarth 1 Br/s.

Boys Open age group Rohan Ebbs 1 F/s, Br/s ®, Fly, IM 2 Bk/s, Josef Russell 1 Bk/s, 2 F/s, Br/s, Fly, +IM, Max Crossling 3 F/s +Bk/s.

Full spread of pictures in Friday’s Whitby Gazette