Organisers ‘staggered’ by standard of tag rugby

Whitby primary schools tag rugby festival'w121115k
Whitby primary schools tag rugby festival'w121115k

SIXTH form Sports Leaders from Whitby Community College welcomed 12 local primary schools to Whitby Rugby Club for a fantastic afternoon of tag rugby

Sixth Form Sport Makers Theo Smith and Connor Clennan have spent the last month visiting local primary schools to teach years five and six children the rudiments of tag rugby.

During the afternoon, six teams took part in a smaller schools competition – Danby, Lealholm, Glaisdale, Seton, Egton and Danby B. Seven schools took part in a larger schools competition – Sleights, Stakesby, Lythe, East Whitby, Airy Hill, West Cliff and Ruswarp.

Sports co-ordinator John Stansfield ran the smaller schools competition. Danby ‘B’ team came third with 11 points, Lealholm second with 13 points and Danby first with 15 points.

In the larger schools competition, East Whitby and Sleights shared third place with 12 points, Stakesby were second with 15 points and Ruswarp came first with 17 points.

Sports co-ordinator Pete Woolley said: “I was staggered by some of the flowing, competitive rugby being played across the six pitches.

“The sports leaders made for a terrific afternoon of rugby through their diligent approach to officiating and organising each of the matches.

“All the primary teachers were impressed with the way the lads refereed what can be quite a technical sport.

“Some of the matches were incredibly close with many only being won by one try and we had quite a few draws.

“I am extremely grateful to Pete Stentiford at the rugby club for supporting this key event.

“From a junior rugby point of view, Whitby seems to have fallen into a bit of a black hole with regard to support from the rugby union.

“If they had seen the standard of play and refereeing from Whitby’s youth they may be making more of an effort to visit our isolated town.”

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