Only one bird back from France in race time

EIGHT members of the Whitby Premier Invitation Club sent 26 birds to race from Bourges in France - the longest race of the season.

Liberated at 6am into a north east wind, the winning pigeon took 19 hrs 35 minutes to fly the 530 miles.

Only one bird was timed in race time - a three-year-old Blue Cheq hen owned by Alan Richardson.

She was sent sitting six-day-old eggs.

She was bred by Page Bros of Pickering from the Gladiator one-day long distance pigeon.

Her previous wins are 1st Clermont, 2nd Clermont, 6th Clermont, 2nd Arras, 3rd Arras, 7th Arras.

Bonus ball winner no 6 James (Buba) McCourt.