On waiting list - then a double win

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Due to the high level of entries at Thursday night’s Beckside Livery Stables dressage, some people had to go onto a waiting list.

Jacqui Shipman was one of those who had got in for the prelim but was on a wait list for the intro, so when someone dropped out at the last minute

Jacqui took her place. With only 15 minutes to learn the test, she went on to win the class and also took the prelim title as well.

The junior intro went to Xavia Crossling, riding Del Boy who at 22, can out of retirement, especially to compete in these competitions.

The junior prelim is a new class this year for 16 and under, sponsored by Sherlock’s tea rooms. This went to Alice Smith on her eventer Singing Fontino. The novice competitors had to do there tests in the floodlights with the final competitor of the evening, Emma Braim, winning the class.

Thank you to all the sponsors and our judge Alan Voisy.

Next dates: 9 May, 29 May,

12 June and 27 June.

Results, class 1: 1 Jacqui Shipman, Brawby Lane Ben, 65.21, 2 Millie Draper, Andy, 64.78, 3 Emilia Fandaoutsaki, Maklaken, 64.35, 4 Belinda Johnson, Erica, 62.61, 5 Wendy Bulmer, Dungannon Lad, 61.3.

Class 1 UN, 1 Xavia Crossling, Del Boy, 63.47, 2 Carina Hankin, Watwith Peeping Tom, 63.04, 3 Becky Tookey, Kings Irish Lad, 59.56, 4=Ellie Craven, Jasper, 52.61, Sarah Marsen, Merky, 52.61.

Class 2, 1 Jacqui Shipman, Brawby Lane Ben, 65.91, 2= Kimberly Emsley, Riverhead Outlaw, 65, Katherine Rayment, Chapelhill Zack, 65, 4= Kay Dickinson, Primitive Touch 64.55, Sarah Little, Blue Admiral, 64.55.

Class 2: 1 Alice Smith, Singing Fontino, 60.45, 2 Max Crossling, Missy, 59.09, 3 Xavia Crossling, Bill, col 44, 57.73, 4 Becky Tookey, Kings Irish Lad, col 42, 57.73.

Class 3: 1 Emma Braim, Taz, col 56, 63.08, 2 Tricia Cole, Oliver, col 54, 63.08, 3 Elaine Tranter, Ultra Smart, 4 Sarah Beeforth, Boris, 60.71, 5 Alice Smith, Singing Fontino, 58.85.