Narrow win over England disabled bowlers

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VLUU P1200 / Samsung P1200

SLEIGHTS Bowling Club had a narrow win over a team of partially sighted and blind players from the Pennine Bowling Club, a number of whom have played for England despite their disability.

The Pennines players were staying in the area on a bowling tour.

The club also played their annual pairs competition. Partners were drawn at random and it was played as a knockout over 11 ends with four woods each.

In the quarter-finals, Mick Dean and Freda Lawson beat Benny Lawson and Fran Bogg.

Colin Gray and Jean Moore beat Peter Franks and Eileen Clark. Eric Sanderson and Beryl Raw beat Terry Bogg and Carol Shardlow, and Ian Harrison and Alan Rutland beat John Pybus and Steve Harrison.

In the semi-finals, Colin and Jean beat Mick and Freda, while Eric and Beryl beat Ian and Alan.

It was an excellent, competitive final, with quality shots from all players and very close heads, but it was Colin and Jean who went into the lead, and stayed ahead of Eric and Beryl to the finish.


Sleights lost to Thornton Dale away, 89 to 56: M Wade, L White, R Isherwood, lost 13-19, E White, D Marshall, I Pearson lost 10-22; E Sanderson, B Lawson, H Brown, lost 3-26; I Harrison, J Moore, P Harrison won 13-12; F Lawson, P Franks, D Isherwood, won 17-10.