Millennium Trophy to end alliance season

Whitby Golf Club professional, Tony Mason
Whitby Golf Club professional, Tony Mason

The last event in the Scarborough District Winter Alliance calendar is the Millennium Trophy which takes place on Saturday (Mar 21) at Malton & Norton.

This Am-Am competition has a shotgun start at 9am. Whitby’s teams are: James Jewell, Dean Bennett, Andrew Dent and Steve Ellis; Byron Blessed, Alistair Lyth, Mike Coates and Steve Thornton; Kevin Barker, Richard Appleton, Jimmy Witt and John Wightman.

The Midweek Stableford was won by Brian Hurst with 37 points.

Three players tied on 35 with Colin Hood taking second, John McMurran third and Ian Cowie fourth.

Saturday’s Stableford was won by Ivan Ross with 44 points, from Colin Fenby and Mike Atack on 42.

Colin Upton, Simon Walker and John McMurran all had 40. After this penultimate round in the Best Ten Cards Tam McConville still holds the lead on 390, but Steve Purvis has narrowed the gap to three, and Simon Walker is on 379.

Mike Coates and Steve Ingleston won Sunday’s Fourball with 62, beating Jem Cockerill and Liam Kirkbride over the back nine.

Howard Dean and Bill Estill had 63 to come third.

The last Stableford of the winter series takes place on Saturday and is in the form of a team competition, with the best three cards from the team of four counting to give the team score.

Members should note that there is a large visiting party on the tee between 9.40 and 11.30, and a smaller one between 1.30 and 2.00.

The last Fourball Betterball of the wintern is on Sunday; ladies Opening Day is on Tuesday with the tee reserved from 12.30 until 2.30.

There is a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday (Mar 25) and the seniors have a Texas Scramble on Thursday.

Mrs Barbara Baines won £100 in the 200 Club draw.

Tony’s tip of the week

Now that the bounce is a little more predictable on firmer ground, the chip and run shot comes into its own around the greens.

As long as you don’t have to go over a hazard such as a bunker, the chip and run is a very safe option.

Use a 7 or 8 iron, play the ball in the middle of the stance; grip down a little for extra control and brush the ball away with a fairly firm-wristed swing much like a long putting stroke.

Land the ball about a third of the way to the hole and allow it to run the rest of the way.