Matthew hits milestone

Matthew Garbutt - record breaker
Matthew Garbutt - record breaker

Angler Matthew Garbutt passed the 400lb mark for the total weight of fish he has landed this season – an achievement experts predict may never be beaten. the season, smashing the previous record by 64lb

Matthew’s accumulative total breaks the previous Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association weigh-in by 64lb 6oz.

Last Wednesday saw a welcome break in the weather as high pressure returned.

Members were fishing an all ebb tide, starting at the top of the tide 5.5m at 18.47 hrs.

Choices, as in similar conditions, were to stay local and scratch for whitings and flat fish or travel further afield in search of lesser spotted dogfish (LSDs) and codlings in deeper water.

Twelve members were at the scales with a varied catch, the best for March, with 20 whitings, 15 LSDs, 10 codlings, nine flat fish and four poutings for 66 lb 6 oz. Garbutt was man of the match with seven fish for 12 lb 1 oz.

Rob Allison weighed in the heaviest fish of the night, a codling of 2 lb 13½ oz. Rob’s lead over Colin Stainthorpe, in 5th place, has narrowed to only 7oz.

Colin had a busy and productive match on the sand with 11 whitings and one flat fish, 2 lb 1 oz more than Rob.

Dave Hambley and Rich Cope continue to jostle for the last trophy position, separated by only 12 oz with only seven matches left before season finishes.

Presentation night is at the Stables on Saturday April 5.

Voting has begun for the most improved angler.

Members who were not at the weigh-in last night can collect a voting slip at the weigh-ins or text secretary Peter Horbury with their choice.

Dave Perrett will be issuing menu choices shortly.

Results: 20 whitings, 15 LSDs, 10 codlings, 9 flat fish and 4 poutings for 66 lb 6 oz.

1 M Garbutt with 5 LSDs, 2 codlings for12 lb 1 oz, 2 D Perrett 6 LSDs, 1 pouting for 10 lb 2 oz, 3 C Stainthorpe 11 whiting, 1 flat fish for 9 lb 3 oz, 4 R Allison 2 codling, 1 pouting, 1 LSD 7 lb 2 oz, 5 P Short 5 whitings, 4 flat fish for 6 lb 6 oz, 6 P Horbury 3 LSDs, 1 pouting for 5 lb 15 oz, 7 A Cass 2 codlings for 3 lb 8 oz, 8 B Laws 2 codlings for 3 lb 2 oz, 9 B Vasey 2 whitings, 3 flat fish for 2 lb 14 oz, 10 D Hambley 1 codling, 1 pouting for 2 lb 10 oz, 11 I Simpson 2 whitings, 1 flat fish for 2 lb 1 oz, 12 R Cope 1 codling for 1 lb 6 oz.