Martial arts duo pass gradings


Whitby-based Evolution Martial Arts Academy has successfully graded two students to Shodan Black Belt standard in combat kick-boxing.

Mic Bates and Richard Price both started their journey in martial arts only five years ago.

Head instructor, James Cockill, 5th Dan Black Belt, who started his own 29 years of martial arts in Whitby and went on to establish the Academy on Green Lane as well as a full-time academy in Darlington, said he is delighted with the high standard both students have achieved.

“Mic and Richard have shown the commitment, dedication and perseverance required to merit their belts,” said Cockill.

“These gradings are a culmination of years of hard work and they were both expected to demonstrate high levels of proficiency in several areas of the martial arts including boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, grappling along with knife and weapons defence, restraint and control techniques.

“Both students were delighted and proud to have endured one of the most physically and mentally intensive gradings Evolution has conducted.”

The academies have a range of classes available starting with Little Ninjas taking their students through a unique belting system from white to black. Classes are run throughout the week .

“We are always pleased to welcome new students of any age to train with us,” said fellow instructor Luke Randell, 4th Dan Black Belt, who also started his martial arts career in Whitby.

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