Lockwood still leads Whitby summer angling festival

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Time is running out for competitors in Whitby’s summer angling festival to clinch the £5,000 top prize.

Currently leading the way is Peter Lockwood with a 17lb 4oz cod caught a week last Sunday from Two Dogs.

But his lead is not safe – at the spring angling festival in Whitby, the overall leader was defeated at the final weigh-in by someone who had never fished before.

The competition ends this Sunday (July 12).

Latest results, Thursday July 2

1 Shawn Cowlishaw, Sheffield, 15lb 7 1/2oz cod, Sea Otter 2 (goes 2nd in cod section and 3rd overall)

2 Anthony Hunt, Sheffield, 9lb 13 1/2oz ling, Sea Otter 2

3 no weigh-in

Friday July 3

1 Gary Dean, Harworth, 12lb 14oz cod, Two Dogs

2 Chris Dean, Harworth, 12lb 1oz cod, Two Dogs

3 Malcolm Dootson, Leigh, 12lb 1/2oz cod, Two Dogs

Saturday July 4

1 Karim Berkia, Knotingley, 5lb 11 1/2oz cod, Sea Urchin II

2 Dave Taylor, Bradford, 5lb 3 1/2oz cod, Shy Torque III

3 Alan Murray, Rotherham, 4lb 12oz ling, Trot On

Sunday July 5

1 Emil Szmurlo, Leicester, 13lb 1/2oz ling, Shy Torque III

2 Paul Wilkinson, Acklam, 12lb 14oz ling, Two Dogs

3 Stefan Kowalski, Leicester, 8lb 9oz ling, Shy Torque III

Monday July 6

1 Anthony Hogg, Rochdale, 12lb 15oz cod, Sea Urchin II

2 Paul Kitchen, Leeds, 12lb 11 1/2oz ling, Trot On

3 James Bowley, Pickering, 10lb 11oz cod, Sea Urchin II

Tuesday July 7

1 Steve Spencer, Pontefract, 10lb 10 1/2oz cod, Sea Otter 2

2 Robert Locker, Whitby, 9lb 6oz ling, Trot On

3 Steve Locker, Whitby. 8lb 11oz ling, Trot On

Wednesday July 8

Cancelled due to weather conditions.

Thursday July 9

Cancelled due to weather conditions.