Linda over moon with red rosette

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Beckside Livery Stables had some “fantastic” entries for the second in our Horslyx dressage series.

Stable mates won all the senior classes all three horses are stabled next to each other at Beckside livery.

First was Linda Winspear who took the intro senior riding Berry.

This is Linda and her youngsters’ first win so she was over the moon with her red rosette.

The junior section was won by Abi Parks riding Laura Wooding’s horse Cracker to take the biggest junior section the stables has ever had.

The prelim senior was won on a huge score of over 75% by Rachel Barker, riding Jersey Dark Night.

The junior section was won by Ellie Sedgwick who has improved her scores hugely on last year winning on 70%.

The pick a test was the biggest class of the day with Jill Collier riding Georgina, producing a near perfect test to gain another over 75% test.

Organiser Cara Shardlow said: “Thank you to everyone who competed and helped.”

The next in the series is on May 21.

RESULTS (top five

per section)

Class 1: 1 Linda Winspear, Berry, 67.39; 2 Mel Tookey, Musto, 67.17; 3 Julia Smith, Merky, 66.52; 4 Jane Wodding, Ruby, 65; 5 Emilia Fandaoutski, Lucy, 64.57.


1 Abbie Parkes, Cracker (U14 col 74), 72.82; 2 Becky Tookey, George (U14 col 72), 72.82; 3 Abi Parkes, Saturn (U14), 71.52, 4 Ellie Stones, Waitwith Peeping Tom (U14), 71.3; 5 Ellie Craven, Bentleys Courvoisier Blue Royal (U14) 70.86.

Class 2

1 Rachel Barker, Jersey Black Night, 74.85; 2 Alice Smith, Sparky, 74.17; 3 Lauren Burton, Tulip, 71.87; 4 Lauren Burton, Hattie, 70.42; 5 Vicci Smith, Milo, 69.38.

16 & Under

1 Ellie Sedgwick, Peachy (U16), 63.96, 2 Tilly Fenton, Paddy, 67.08, 3 Ellie Crfaven, Bentleys Courvoisier (U14), 66.67, 4 Becky Tookey, George (U14), 66.46, 5 Xavia Crossling, Bill (U16), 65.42.

Class 3

1 Jill Collier, Georgina, 75.21; 2 Emilia Fandaoutski, Mac, 75; 3 Lauren Burton, Tulip, 72.91; 4 Lauren Burton, Hattie, 72.71; 5 Sarah Beeforth, Boris, 72.7.