Leader sees off his rivals

Ben Laws
Ben Laws

A third win of the season for Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association’s Rob Allison maintained his position at the top of this season’s leaderboard.

High pressure returned, bringing brighter weather, westerly winds and northerly sea swell for Sunday night’s four-hour match.

Andrew Cass

Andrew Cass

Fifteen members fished the all ebb tide, starting an hour after high water – 16.55 hrs, 5.6 metres.

As the evenings are now get lighter, by 6pm the sun had set on clear skies, the temperature soon dropped and a frost took hold.

There was plenty of colour in the water but as the full moon rose over the horizon it was almost daylight again which did not help.

The northerly swell lost its strength quickly as the ebbing tide took hold, which led to surging with prolonged periods of calm.

An accident on Lythe Bank caused the police to close it, leading to members, who were fishing north, finding an alterative route to the scales.

It was touch and go and one member missed the weigh-in. Eleven members weighed-in 33 codlings and one whiting, with some a better stamp of fish evident.

Man of the match was Rob Allison with his third win of the season – six codlings for 21 lb 9 oz. Rob now leads in the heaviest bag of fish for the monthly sweep.

Andrew Cass, third equal with 8 lb 13 oz, landed the heaviest fish – a fat bellied cod of 6 lb 6 oz.

In the leaderboard, Rob Allison, up one place, closed the gap to third place Andrew Cass. Dave Hambley and Mike Bowman continue to spar for eighth place.

Matthew Garbutt continues to fish well, with another double figure bag of fish, and has now extended the WSAA record by 38 lb 3 oz to 382 lb 6 oz, his match average weigh-in is 10 lb 5 oz.

Results: 33 codlings, 1 whiting for 94 lb 14 oz.

1 R Allison 6 codlings for 21 lb 9 oz, 2 M Garbutt 5 codlings for 10 lb 13 oz, 3= A Cass with 2 codlings HF 6 lb 6 oz, 8 lb 13 oz, 3= B Laws 3 codlings for (4 lb 8 oz) 8 lb 13 oz, 3= I Simpson 3 codlings for 8 lb 13 oz, 6 D Hambley 3 codlings for 7 lb 1 oz, 7 P Kilpatrick 3 codlings, 1 whiting for 6 lb 14 oz, 8 R Cope with 3 codlings for (4 lb) 6 lb 13 oz, 9 M Beedle 3 codlings for 5 lb 10 oz, 10 M Bowman 1 codling for 5 lb 7 oz, 11 J Gilpin 1 codling for 2 lb 11 oz.