Laws last to scales, but weighs in heaviest fish

Ben Laws
Ben Laws

Wednesday night’s three-hour Whitby Sea Anglers’ match was all ebb, with a little north westerly close to shore sea swell, with plenty of colour in the water.

Another low pressure system, 1000mm Hg on the barometer, continues to dominate the weather.

Wind was changeable, being strong southerly all day, by late afternoon swinging to westerly and by 8.30pm, back to southerly.

With an early rain shower the skies soon cleared, the moon rose over the horizon producing another bright night which discourages the fish from coming close to shore to feed, as temperatures dropped to 7 C.

It was a night of scratching for whatever members could find on local beaches or travelling for the chance of a codling or two. Whiting and flat fish taking lug worm and mackerel cocktails tipped with squid, with a few undersized billets being caught and returned.

M Garbutt with his fourth win, is now 6 lb 12 oz ahead of second place D Perrett.

C Stainthorpe caught the heaviest fish of the night 3 lb 3 oz, to share the winnings with M Garbutt.

In the Singles Knockouts, D Perrett (4 lb 13 oz) beat J Gilpin (1 lb 12 oz) & M Garbutt (7 lb 1 oz) beat M Pitman (0 lb 00 oz). In the preliminary round of the Doubles Knockouts, P Horbury & J Moore (total 3 lb 15 oz) beat B Laws & M Pitman (total 0 lb 12 oz). Fourteen members were at the scales with 51 fish for 47 lb 9 oz.

Results: 1 M Garbutt with 5 codlings & 1 blegg for 7 lb 1oz, 2 S Moore 4 codlings and 2 whitings for 6 lb, 3 P Dryden 9 whitings for 5 lb 10oz, 4 D Perrett 3 codlings for 4 lb 13oz, 5 I Simpson 6 whitings & 1 flat fish for 4 lb 4oz, 6 M Bowman 3 codlings for 3 lb 11oz, 7 C Stainthorpe 1 fish for (HF) 3 lb 3oz, 8 R Allison 1 codling for 2 lb 15oz, 9 N Inglis 1 codling & 1 rockling for 2 lb 9oz, 10 J Moore 2 whitings & 2 flat fish for 2 lb 4oz, 11 J Gilpin 2 whitings for 1 lb 12oz, 12 P Horbury 2 whitings for 1 lb 11oz, 13 J Pearce 2 flat fish for 1 lb, 14 B Laws 2 rocklings for 12oz.

l With the clocks going back overnight the four- match on Sunday, for WSAA members started in darkness on a clear, star lit night as the temperature dropped fast.

Gusting west south west winds saw members seeking a sheltered mark fishing over the top of the tide.

Fishing was going to be hard going for all with a flat calm sea state, as many choose to travel further afield for codlings and whitings, four members were fishing for a place in the next round of the Doubles Knockouts.

Sandsend beach did not fish as expected, with the fish being caught in the first hour of the match.

Ben Laws was virtually last to the scales and produced the surprise of the night, weighing in two codlings for 8 lb 15 oz with his heaviest fish of 5 lb 15½ oz now the heaviest fish of the month with one match left for October. Bens’ fish pipped the previous HF by 01oz, caught by Richard Cope on October 13.

Matthew Garbutt had the second heaviest bag, five codlings and a blegg for 7 lb 11 oz (his HF was a codling of 2 lb 06 oz).

In the doubles knockout preliminary round, the last result before the first round on Wednesday November 13. Scott Moore & Iain Simpson (5 lb 13 oz) beat Andrew Cass & Brian Harland (4 lb 15 oz).

Results: 14 members weighed-in 38 fish for 45 lb. 1 B Laws with 2 codlings for (HF 5 lb 15½ oz)8 lb 15 oz, 2 M Garbutt 5 codlings & 1 blegg for 7 lb 11 oz, 3 S Moore 3 codlings & 1 blegg for 4 lb 02 oz, 4 R Allison 3 codlings for 4 lb 1 oz, 5 J Gilpin 4 whitings & 1 flat fish for 3 lb 6 oz, 6= A Cass 4 whitings for 3 lb 5 oz, 7= C Weston 2 codlings for 3 lb 5 oz, 8 D Perrett 2 codlings for 2 lb 2 oz, 9 I Simpson 2 whitings & 1 flat fish for 1 lb 11 oz, 10 B Harland 1 codling for 1 lb 10 oz, 11 C Stainthorpe 1 flounder & 1 rockling for 1 lb 7 oz, 12 J Moore 2 whitings for 1 lb 6 oz, 13 M Bowman 1 codling for 1 lb, 14 J Pearce 1 whiting for 15 oz.