LATEST: Matthews leads way in Whitby angling festival

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Michael Matthews of Skelton emerged as the early leader of Whitby’s spring angling festival.

His 9lb 8.5oz cod caught from Sea Otter 2 on Sunday put him in pole position over the bank holiday weekend of the festival, run by Whitby Charter Skippers’ Association.

The overall winner of the competition, which runs until April 26, nets £1,000.

Results, Saturday

1 John Vero, Leicester, 6lb 13oz cod, Sea Otter 2

2 Steve Lumb, Wakefield, 5lb-8 1/2oz cod, Jean ‘K’

3 Alan Sutcliffe, Doncaster, 5lb 4 1/2oz cod, Shy Torque III


1 Michael Matthews, Skelton, 9lb 8 1/2oz cod, Sea Otter 2

2 Jordan Burton, Leeds, 6lb 5oz cod, Shy Torque III

3 Graham Ford, Whitby, 6lb 3oz cod, Jean K.


1 Darren Wainer, Doncaster, 7lb 6oz ling, Shy Torque III

2 Perry Franklin, Whitby, 6lb 5oz cod, Shy Torque III

3 Sam Anderson, Beverley, 5lb 1 1/2oz cod, Shy Torque III.


1 & 2 Ian Kellock, Hull, 5lb 15 1/2oz cod and 5lb 2 1/2oz cod, Sea Urchin II

3 Bryan Dougall, Bishop Auckland, 4lb 11oz cod, Sea Urchin II.


1 & 3 Eddie Armitage, Holmfirth, 5lb 10oz cod & 4lb 3oz ling, Sea Otter 2

2 Carol Bradley, Goole, 4lb 6 1/2oz cod, Sea Otter 2.