Lamb claims man of the match on large tide

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WEDNESDAY night’s three-hour match started 1 hr 40 mins after high water, 5.7m, on one of the biggest tides for January.

With a strong south westerly wind and a flat calm sea (how many times this season have we heard this), anglers had to travel in order to find a few whiting.

M Lamb was man of the match with 14 whiting for 11 lb.

Nine anglers were at the scales with 56 fish for 45 lb.

Results: 1 M Lamb with 14 fish for 11 lb 00 oz, 2 N Inglis with 10 fish for 6 lb 14/16oz, 3 W Atkinson with 8 fish for 6 lb 11/16oz, 4 M Garbutt with 7 fish for 5 lb 14/16oz, 5 P Horbury with 6 fish for 5 lb 1/16oz, 6 D Perrett with 5 fish for 3 lb 9/16oz, 7 J Gilpin with 4 fish for 3 lb 00 oz,

8 R Allison with 1 fish for 2 lb 8/16oz, 9 A Cass with 1 fish for 7/16oz.