Knockouts heading for semi-final stage

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As the end of the main season approaches, the knockout competitions have reached the final stages.

In the President’s Putter Richard Marshall plays Richard Brown in one semi-final, while Simon Walker meets James Morrison in the other.

Simon and James play again in the Beckett Cup to decide who will play Kevin Barker in the final.

In the Jim Cooke scratch knockout, James Jewell plays Ian Wiggins in one semi-final with Colin Upton and Sam Wiggins in the other. Richard Brown and Steve Swales have made it to the final of the Milburn Foursomes, where they will play the winners between Andrew Wood and Dean Bennett, and Simon Walker and Ian Wiggins.

In the Rabbits’ Summer Knockout Gordon Muir plays Billy Hardy in the final.

In strokeplay competitions, Richard Brown beat Alan Atkinson and Luke Asbury over the back nine in the Midweek Stableford after they had tied on 38 points. Kevin Ing and Paul Ventress had 36, with Mike Rothwell, Kieran Noble, Dave Upton, Ian Wiggins, Simon Gibson, Richard Appleton and John Carter on 35.

Tam McConville and Mike Coates formed a great partnership to win the Betterball Medal on Saturday with a 10 under par 60. Eric Wilson and Mark McBurney had 62 with Steve Ellis and Howard Drake on 63.

On a busy Sunday, Bill Estill won the JW Bass for those aged 55 and over with 40 points. Eric Wilson had 37 points, and John Littleton, Steve Swales, Malcolm Eglon, Billy Hardy and Mike Harper all scored 36.

Michael McElhinney and Alan Atkinson had 35. The under 55s also played a Stableford, and this was won by Tom Gale with a remarkable score of

48 points. An immediate handicap reduction to 14 has followed. Sam Wiggins and Steve Foster had 41, with Richard Brown on 38 and Steve Purvis and Adrian Brown on 37.

The juniors played for their Medal Trophy on the same day, and Mark Wilson produced an impressive 61 from the back tees to win by two strokes from Chris Portwine. Luke Asbury had 72 with Mike Coates a no return.

On Thursday 23 August, the ladies played for the Mel James Trophy and Wendy Hurworth emerged the winner with 36 points. Sue Wessel was second with 35, Jean Jefferson and Doreen Richardson had 32, Barbara Mahan 30 and Karen Fellows, Amanda Ing and Sally Harker 29.

Tomorrow (1 Sep) sees the course closed for the club’s Open Four Man Team Stableford, opening at 3pm for casual play.

On Sunday, there is a Yellowball Medal and the Simpson Cup Mixed Foursomes. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sees Scarborough Golf Week competitions occupying the course, which is closed until 3pm each day. There are no competitions on Monday or Friday, but as the club is hosting players from North Cliff, South Cliff and Filey, it is advisable to check before turning up.

Malcolm Walker and Vic Wilson lead the way in the Seniors Eclectic with 57.25, followed by John Wightman on 57.75. Vic leads the Best Six Cards with 223, chased by Andrew Burbidge on 220 and Colin Fenby on 215.

Tim Richardson won £200 in the 200 club monthly draw.

Tony’s Tip: if you want to create as much power as possible (and who doesn’t to be honest) one area of the swing to think about is the amount of torsion in the body during the backswing.

While you are turning the shoulders and swinging the club back, if you resist as much as possible in the lower body - hips, knees and feet - it is like winding up a spring; you can then release this in the downswing, generating more clubhead speed.

A note of caution - do not try this if you suffer with any back problems as the torsion could make matters worse.