Kirk wins first of seasonal spirits

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THE first of the seasonal Spirits competitions was held on Saturday over 15 holes and Dave Kirk won first place with 35 points, beating Richard Young with a better back nine holes.

Howard Drake, Robin Sisson and Alan Atkinson had 34, Mike Kilpatrick 33 and Peter C Brown 32.

Mike Coates would have won a prize with 31 had he not been underage and Dave Upton took the last place on the same score.

Sunday’s competition was a Turkey Trot, and was able to be played over 18 holes as the course dried out a little.

Dave Weatherill won with 40 points, from Luke Asbury on 39 and Kieran Noble on 38.

Andy Pearson and Tam McConville had 37 points, Chris Noble 36 and Mark McBurney and Martin Shackleton won the final prizes with 35.

There will be a Turkey Trot on Saturday, a Whisky Trot on Sunday and another Whisky Trot on Wednesday.

Steve Ellis won £100 in this week’s 200 Club draw.

Tony’s Tip: with weather conditions like we have been experiencing recently, the ground is very soft and it is easy to take excessively big divots.

To help rreduce the risk of this, it is helpful to use a slightly flatter swing plane.

To get a mental picture of the swing plane, imagine a wheel with the rim on the ball, tilting back so the the hub of the wheel sits on the player’s shoulders.

The clubhead should follow the rim of the wheel as it swings backwards and forwards.

To use a slightly flatter plane, imagine the wheel tilting a little further away from the vertical.

This will give a shallower attack on the ball, sweeping it away.