King Cod James admits: ‘I got lucky’

Whitby Sea Anglers met for the penultimate match of 2012.

High water was mid-match so 1½ hrs of both flood and of ebb, with an ever increasing and surging south easterly swell and a south easterly wind.

Thankfully, the forecast rain held off. There was plenty of colour in the water and expectations were high.

Christmas came early for ‘King Cod’, James Gilpin, as he apologised to all saying “sorry gentlemen but I just had to pull this baby out of the bag,” sliding a very pale cod, of 11lb 8oz on the scales, then, adding a second for 13lb 3oz.

This was his personal best - but James said he had been lucky as he only had three hook traces in his rucksack, as he had left his rig wallet at home.

James now tops both the heaviest bag of fish and heaviest fish of the month sweeps, with just the Christmas match left for December.

Nineteen members fished and nine weighed in 29 fish for 54lb 15oz.

In the singles knockout final, Gilpin was again victorious, beat Scott Moore, 2 codling for 3lb 5oz.

Paul Dryden snapped off his shock leader while casting and following through, hitt the railings and snapped his rod tip clean in two, bringing his evening’s fishing to an abrupt end.

Results, Wednesday 19 December

1 J Gilpin with 2 fish for 13lb 3oz, 2 N Inglis 2 fish for 11lb 12oz, 3 M Garbutt 12 fish for 9lb 2oz, 4 R Allison 3 fish for 6lb 8oz, 5 B Laws 3 fish for 5lb, 6 S Moore 2 fish for 3lb 5oz, 7 I Simpson 1 fish for 2lb 1oz, 8 D Perrett 1 fish for 1lb 14oz, 9 P Horbury 3 fish for 1lb 13oz.

* Local respected angler and previous member of Whitby Sea Anglers, Brian Harland, was also out and about fishing.

He had five fish for 25lb.