Kayak fishing boost for Runswick lifeboat crew


RUNSWICK Bay hosted the Yorkshire Open kayak fishing competition for the first time.

It was the third year this six-hour competition has taken place - the previous two were held at Filey - but this year’s event attracted a record 51 competitors from as far afield as Dover, Ayrshire and Ireland.

The event is organised by the Scarborough Angling Festival and attracted a number of sponsors - among them Whitby Angling Supplies.

Safety cover for this event was provided by the Runswick inshore lifeboat and in return, £329 has so far been raised through raffles and donations, mainly from the competitors.

But anyone logging on to http://www.justgiving.com/runswickkayakfishing can still make a contribution.

Many of the competitors and their families stayed at the Runswick Bay campsite who were a great support to the event.

The competition was for the heaviest fish. The weather waskind with relatively calm seas and light winds although at times torrential squally showers made life difficult.

Most competitors caught fish with 28 weighing in. First prize went to Mathew Garbutt from Skelton with a fine cod of 8lb 7.5oz.

Kayak angling is the fastest growing paddle sport in the UK and this area has been a leader in staging big events with the UK championship being the first of such events staged from Scarborough North Bay and forming part of the Scarborough Angling Festival, which takes place on 17 September.

Following the success of this event, it is now likely to become an annual visitor to Runswick Bay and hopefully, a major fund-raiser for the Runswick Lifeboat.

Andy Monaghan, crew leader of Runswick Rescue Boat, said: “Congratulations on the successful competition.

“The funds raised for the IRB will help us as an independant lifeboat keep the service afloat.

“Thanks for considering us as a worthy cause.

“As an emegency service we were very impressed by the professionalism, standard of equipment used and commitment to safety at sea. We hope everyone will come back to the Bay next year and look forward to welcoming you.”

Full results: heaviest fish 1 Mathew Garbutt, Skelton, cod 8lb 7 1/4oz, £300; 2 Matty Lamb, Guisborough, ling

6lb 10 7/8oz, £150; 3 George Colqhaun, Warrington, cod 6lb 10 1/8oz, £100; 4 Anthony Latheran, Middlesbrough, ling 6lb 3/8oz, £75; 5 Paul Garbutt, Skelton, cod 5lb 12oz, £50; 6 K Spencerly, Middlesbrough, cod 5lb 2 3/8oz, £50 rod; 7 Ray Maddison, Scarborough, cod 4lb 15 1/8oz, £30; 8 Jim Marsh, Gatwick, cod 4lb 9 3/8oz, £20; 9 Dan Bennett, Whitby, cod 4lb 6 3/8oz tackle; 10 Ian Pickering, Leicester, pollock 4lb 3 5/8oz, tackle; 11 Dave Ireland, cod 4lb 2 5/8oz, tackle; 12 Ian Sellors, Scarborough, cod, 4lb 1 5/8oz, tackle.

Pairs competition sweep combined weight of heaviest fish: Matty Lamb and Mike Marshall £130; heaviest flat fish, Mike May, Gateshea, dab 12oz.

* names as submitted