Karate kids show off skills at Youth Hostel

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Senseis Mike Howard and Jim White took a small group of Whitby Shotokan karate Club juniors to do a short demonstration to an audience at Abbey House, the Whitby Youth Hostel Association.

The club performed two short demos lasting for about 50 minutes each.

Sensei Mike Howard, 4th Dan Shotokan Black Belt, gave an introductory speech and Callum Walker 2nd Kue did the warm-up exercises.

Sensei Jim White 3rd Dan took the team ranging from white belts through to brown belts, through various degrees of training from the basic blocks and punches to the more advanced semi free sparring techniques.

In the second demo the club got two children from the audience to join the team doing blocks, kicks and punches. Two junior members Evie Hartlet-Tull and Daisy Stokoe demonstrated their skills at free fighting techniques.

Sensei Jim Howard said: “It was a very exciting day for the club.

“It is always a treat for the public to see youngsters showing off their skills of martial arts and was a very enjoyable and exciting day out for the club members.”

The club is registered with the Independent Federation Of Martial Arts.

All instructors are qualified black belt senseis and hold City & Guilds Diplomas for coaching.

Adults and children including Health and Safety and Child Protection.

The club trains twice weekly at Airy Hill School courtesy of Headmaster Jim Lidgley Mondays and Thursday, novices 5.30-6.30pm, intermediate 6.30-7.30pm and advanced 7.30-9pm.

Anyone interested in learning the martial skills of Shotokan Karate or self defence can contact Mike Howard on 604861, Jim White 820378; or email jwhite16@mypostoffice.co.uk