Karate club stages awards ceremony

Whitby Shotokan Karate Club at their presentation night
Whitby Shotokan Karate Club at their presentation night
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WHITBY Shotokan Karate Club held a presentation and awards ceremony was held at Airy Hill Primary School.

The ceremony held in traditional Japanese style was to celebrate the progress of the novice to orange belt students and present them with individual certificates of personal progress and coloured tags to wear on their white and orange belts.

The students lined up in two lines depicting the tail of the Shotokan Tiger - the path between the lines represents the long journey of progress taking the student from novice to black belt.

Each student in turn bowed at the start and walked down the path made by their fellow students to arrive at the table where Sensei Dan Howard presented them with their award certificate and new belt tags.

Sensei Watmough explained that the the journey was long but they were walking in the footsteps of Master Gichin Funakoshi (1868 – 1957 (Founder of Shotokan Karate).

The parents and family members who watched the presentation applauded each student as they entered the the table and received their well-earned awards.

The club will now settle down to the next terms hard work and summer grading.

Whitby Shotokan Karate club is registered with the Independent Federation Of Martial Arts. All instructors are qualified Black Belt Senseis and hold City and Guilds diplomas for coaching adults and children including Health and Safety and Child Protection.

The club trains on Mondays and Thursdays at Airy Hill Primary School courtesy of headmaster Jim Lidgley.

Running times are novices 5.30-6.30pm; intermediate 6.30-7.30pm and advanced 7.30pm-9pm.

Anyone interested in learning the martial skills of shotokan karate or self-defence contact Mike Howard 4th Dan black belt 01947 604861,

Jim White 3rd dan black belt 01947 820378, Chris Watmough 2nd dan black belt (01947) 821579.