Inglis tops anglers’ leaderboard

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WHITBY Sea Anglers finally experienced a good sea - the first of the season but it brought the problems of seaweed.

Anglers reported weed everywhere, with kelp, bladder rack and fine grass sea weed hampering their efforts.

However, Neil Inglis was man of the match with a respectable bag of 4 fish for 11lb 3oz.

With a strong north westerly wind and long distance, regular northerly swells, anglers fished the last two hours of a flood tide and an hour of ebb. Twenty six fish weighed in for a total weight of 50lb 1oz.

Results of the singles preliminary round of the knockouts: Martin Lamb beat Dave Hambley and Paul Short beat Paul Garbutt.

Next round of singles is on Wednesday 9 November and the preliminary round of doubles knockouts on Wednesday (26 Oct).

Results: 1 N Inglis with 4 fish for 11lb 3/16oz, 2 M Bowman with 1 fish for 4lb 12/16oz, 3 M Beedle with 1 fish for 4lb 10/16oz, 4 M Lamb with 1 fish for 4lb 6/16oz, 5 P Mead with 2 fish for 4lb 4/16oz, 6 P Short with 3 fish for 3lb 6/16oz, 7 P Dryden with 1 fish for 3lb 5/16oz, 8 D Thompson with 3 fish for 3lb 3/16oz, 9 A Cass with 2 fish for 3 lb 2/16oz, 10 W Atkinson with 2 fish for 2lb 2/16oz, 11th D Hambley with 1 fish for

1lb 14/16oz, 12 M Garbutt with 1 fish for 1lb 10/16oz, 13 B Laws with 1 fish for 1lb 3/16oz, 14 D Perrett with 2 fish for 13/16oz, 15 R Cope with 1 fish for 4/16oz.

On the leader board after seven matches:

1 N Inglis with 19 fish for 29lb 4/16oz, 2 D Hambley with 13 fish for 25lb, 3 B Laws with 16 fish for 22lb 9/16oz.