Howell nets win at Scarborough DMC trial

Beth Ridley in action on her debut, at Harwood Dale
Beth Ridley in action on her debut, at Harwood Dale

Port Mulgrave’s Jack Howell secured a convincing win over strong opposition at Scarborough DMC’s trial on Sunday.

Held at Low North Park old army camp, overnight frost made it tricky going, for the massive entry of 115 riders, but Howell’s two mark loss on the treacherously greasy rocks of section five could not be matched and assured him of the win.

Scarborough's Elliot Woodall

Scarborough's Elliot Woodall

Richmond’s Rob Waite finished runner up, just five marks down on Howell and Beta works rider, Ian Austermuhle (Rosedale) finished third, showing his caring side and advising fiance Beth Ridley on the best line through sections, to gain a creditable finish in her very first trial.

Paul Wheatley grabbed third in Clubman A with a solid ride, but the Guisborough lad just couldn’t match the experience of winner Barry Darrell from Thornton-le-Dale.

Now approaching the form he will be happy with, Darrell’s one mark loss on the rocks of five proved best of the day, only Thirsk’s Nigel Todd and Youth C winner, Scarborough’s Zac Collinson got close with a loss of two. But Darrell almost blew it with a maximum on the steep tree root climb of 12.

Scarborough’s Alan Carr finished second as Wheatley dropped back with a maximum on the third. Ian Hopley and Nikita Smith, from Fryup, finished third and fourth.

Scarborough DMC’s next trial is on February 2.


Expert: Jack Howell (Beta) 19, Rob Waite (Beta) 24, Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 28.

Intermediate: Rob McLoughlin (Beta) 70, Shane Monkman (Gas Gas) 76, Sam Duvivier (Gas Gas 80.

C/man A: Barry Darrell (Gas Gas) 36, Alan Carr (Gas Gas) 38, Paul Wheatley (Sherco) 49.

C/man B: Mike Kendra (Gas Gas) 17 m/c`s, Shaun Trotter (Gas Gas) 17, Bryan Kendra (Montesa) 20, Mark Whelan (Montesa) 21, Phil Manton, (Beta) 23, Mark Newton (Beta) 23.

Youth A: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas) 56, Michael Todd (Gas Gas) 139.

Youth B: Zac Collinson (Feetup Beta) 48, Callum Williamson (Acklams Beta) 63, Elliot Woodall (Beta) 83.

Youth C: Toby Teasdale (Beta) 117, Claire Collinson (Beta) 132.

Youth Novice: Lewis Woodall (Gas Gas) 30, Stephen Dennis (Gas Gas) 35.

White route: Ian Bruntlett (Yamaha) 15, Mick Tanton (Beta) 60, Paul Turton (Yamaha) 97.