Horbury hooks heaviest fish

SUNDAY night’s four-hour Whitby Sea Anglers match saw 60mph south westerly winds, north westerly swell and a 5.8m high water flooding parts of Baxtergate and Sandsend.

It also brought both pleasure anglers and clubmen out for a good night’s fishing.

Sandsend railings and car park saw many anglers braving the conditions looking for a fish or two.

Runswick Bay was another popular spot, spoilt however with the mountains of sea weed. With a fast ebbing tide, the swell was soon knocked back, leading to surging, with many local spots soon unfishable.

Sixteen anglers were at the scales with 33 fish for 49 lb 7 oz. Paul Garbutt was man of the match with 12 lb 10 oz and P Horbury with the heaviest fish of the evening of 5 lb 12 oz.

In the doubles knockouts, J Gilpin & M Garbutt, with a combined weight of 3 lb 2 oz, were knocked out by P Kilpatrick & P Horbury, with a combined weight of 12 lb 5 oz. The quarter-finals of which will be fished on 7 December.

Results: 1 P Garbutt with 4 fish for 12 lb 10/16oz, 2 D Perrett with 3 fish for 7 lb 3/16oz, 3 P Kilpatrick with 2 fish for 6 lb 9/16oz, 4 P Horbury with 1 fish for 5 lb 12/16oz, 5 W Atkinson with 3 fish for 3 lb 1/16oz, 6 D Hambley with 3 fish for 2 lb 5/16oz, 7 P Dryden with 2 fish for 2 lb 4/16oz, 8 J Gilpin with 2 fish for 1 lb 13/16oz, 9 N Inglis with 2 fish for 1 lb 11/16oz, 10th= D Thompson with 1 fish for 1 lb 7/16oz, M Lamb with 3 fish for 1 lb 7/16oz, 12 M Garbutt with 3 fish for 1 lb 5/16oz, 13 J Verrill with 1 fish for 14/16oz, 14 A Cass with 1 fish for 8/16oz, 15th C Stainthorpe with 1 fish for 6/16oz, 16th R Allison with 1 fish for 4/16oz.