Heaviest fish for Lamb at Fleece

M Lamb and M Garbutt
M Lamb and M Garbutt

Sunday’s match was the Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association’s Christmas match where every club member receives a prize whether they caught a fish or not.

Fishing times were 2pm to 7pm, with the weigh in from 7pm to 10pm at the car park next to The Fleece, Church Street.

The five-hour match started one-and-a-half hours before low water 2.0m, on a slack tide.

Twenty three members were fishing in what can only be described as arduous conditions, with a strong and chilly north westerly wind and a roaring north westerly swell.

As soon as the sun dropped over the horizon, temperatures dropped below freezing with anglers reporting frozen sand.

Thirteen anglers were at the scales to weigh in 30 fish for 78 lb 6 oz.

M Garbutt, once again, lead the way with a bag of four fish for 14 lb 8 oz. M Lamb caught the heaviest fish of 6 lb 4 oz.

Results: 1 M Garbutt with 4 fish for 14 lb 8/16oz, 2 M Lamb with 4 fish for 13 lb 7/16oz, 3 P Garbutt with 3 fish for 11 lb 5/16oz, 4 N Inglis with 4 fish for 8 lb 6/16oz, 5 R Allison with 4 fish for 7 lb 12/16oz, 6 R Cope with 2 fish for 7 lb 9/16oz, 7 D Perrett with 3 fish for 4 lb 9/16oz, 8 G Middlemas with 1 fish for 2 lb 13/16oz, 9 A Cass with 1 fish for 2 lb 11/16oz, 10 B Laws with 1 fish for 2 lb 10/16oz, 11th P Short with 1 fish for 2 lb 2/16oz, 12 B Vasey with 1 fish for 6/16oz, 13 P Horbury with 1 fish for 4/16oz.