Hay hits first century of winter season

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THE first 100 of the winter season for Jackie Hay lifted Esk Valley to a total of 390, two points better than their previous round in four.

With an average of 97.5, Esk Valley were never going to be beaten as Country Lads found to their cost.

Country Lads may point to the fact that they shot with a man short but Esk Valley were on top form to notch their fifth win in a row and remain the team to beat.

Castle Park have lost their way since the opening round and will be unhappy with their score of 375, not enough to beat Average who picked up their first points of season.

Best match of the round was Whitehall’s encounter with Phoenix.

Steve Baker’s 99 for Whitehall was matched by Simon Darrington for Phoenix but the telling difference between the teams was that the supporting scores for the victors were just that bit better on the night, which was enough to ensure a winning margin of three points.

A win is a win but both teams will be disappointed with what was a below average performance.

One or two good individual scores is the best thing that can be said about the B League matches, not matched unfortunately, by team performances.

Although on the losing Farmers side, Yeoman Williamson again shot well with a leading score of 94.

While the winning margin for Patch was a comfortable seven points, Ian Harrison’s 93 easily being the best,

Patch are struggling to find some consistent form to make them the formidable team they were in past seasons.

The top of the table clash between Firemen and Watkinson’s turned out to be something of an anti-climax with both teams shooting well below their best.

Firemen lost their 100% record to their nearest rivals Watkinson’s who displaced them as B League leaders, albeit by the slenderest of margins.

Best for Watkinson’s and best of the week was Jeff Kenworthy’s 95 backed up with a 94 from Ivan Addams.

None of the B League teams will look on this week’s results with a great deal of satisfaction and will be looking for a much-improved performance in next week’s round of matches.

Results, A League

Esk Valley 390 J Hay 100 N Scarth 98 C Williamson 96 M Robinson 96 beat Country Lads 357 M Atkinson 97 D Atkinson 95 S Atkinson 92 P Turford 73. Whitehall 382 S Baker 99 T Coates 95 M Ware 94 D Lawrence 94 beat Phoenix 379 S Darrington 99 J Halley 95 M Marsay 94 P Hurworth 91. Average 377 beat Castle Park 375 R Oliver 95 M Dossor 94 C Dossor 93 A Eddon 93.

B League

Watkinson’s 367 J Kenworthy 95 I Addams 94 M Bennett D Pratt 89 beat Firemen 363 I Clarkson 94 B Gibbons 91 P Cattermole 91 M Geer 87. Patch 358 I Harrison 93 C Rutland 89 P Rutland 88 J Wood 88 beat Farmers 351 Y Williamson 94 D Hill 91 M Noble 87 R Franks 79.