Harland lands victory despite heavy frost

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SUNDAY night’s Whitby Sea Anglers’ four-match started with great expectations for all, with regular swell sets from a northerly direction, no wind, colour in the water and a very slack flooding tide.

High water was at 2146 hrs but it just did not materialise the way everyone expected.

The swell was sporadic, one minute ideal and the next too heavy and then flat.

A heavy frost was developing throughout the cloudless moonlit evening.

However that did not stop Brian Harland from finding two codling.

Total weight for the match was 4 fish for 9 lb 15 oz

Results: 1st Brian Harland 2 codling for 4 lb 07 oz, 2nd Matthew Garbutt 1 codling for 3 lb 03 oz, 3rd Ben Laws 1 codling for 2 lb 05 oz.

With five matches left, it is all to fish for. Brian Harland is now only 5 lb 13 oz behind Denis Thompson with Rob Allison 8 lb 10 oz adrift from Brian.

* Wednesday night’s match began 40 minutes before low water on a slack tide.

With a good easterly sea running, with many anglers out and about, both club and pleasure fishermen.

The wind was gentle east south east with plenty of cloud cover.

However, as with an easterly sea, the water was gin clear but the cloud cover helped.

Dave Perrett caught the fish of the night 5 lb 14 oz to lead the monthly table.

Matthew Garbutt was man of the match with a good bag of 4 fish for 11 lb 08 oz which also takes the lead for heaviest bag of the month. Seven anglers weighed in a total of 26 lb 11 oz.

Results: 1st Matthew Garbutt 4 codling for 11 lb 08 oz, 2nd Dave Perrett 1 codling for 5 lb 14 oz, 3rd Andrew Cass 2 codling for 4 lb 03 oz, 4th Brian Harland 1 codling for 2 lb 12 oz, 5th Rob Allison 1 codling for 1 lb 07 oz, 6th Colin Stainthorpe 1 billet (Coalley) for 11 oz, 7th Peter Horbury with a rockling for 04 oz.