Hambley takes honours in Christmas match

Whitby Sea Anglers chairman William Atkinson (centre) with Matthew Garbutt and Dave Hambley
Whitby Sea Anglers chairman William Atkinson (centre) with Matthew Garbutt and Dave Hambley

Whitby Sea Anglers met for the last match of 2012 and halfway through the season for their Christmas Match.

Fished from 2pm – 7pm weigh in by 8pm, with 22 members taking part, where no one goes home without a prize or two.

Conditions were far from favourable, with some long distance, but surging, south easterly swell and a howling south westerly wind.

There was plenty of colour in the water and thankfully no rain.

Fifteen members weighed in an impressive 105lb, 32 fish, with some very good fish in the catch, which seems to be the general trend this season.

The Christmas match winner with the heaviest bag of fish, was Dave Hambley who received £25, with five fish for 21lb 6oz.

Dave also lost another good fish, believed to be lip hooked, in the swell.

Fishing alongside him was Paul Garbutt (a non-member this year), who had a cod believed to be over 11lb. The heaviest fish went to second place Matthew Garbutt, 10lb 13oz, part of a bag of two fish for 15lb 13oz, received £25.

Jay Allison (Jnr), was fifth, with two fish for 8lb 2oz, with the best being 6lb 6oz, out-fishing his father Rob Allison again, who was 10th with one fish for 4lb.

Andrew Cass reported he lost two very good fish, the first could not be ‘lifted’ and straightened both hooks on his pennel rig. The second snapped his line as it caught the rocks when lifting.

That concludes December with 226 fish for 393lb 9oz being caught by the members of Whitby Sea Anglers.

Twenty-six matches and 831 fish have been weighed in for 1,358lb.

In the sweep for December, the heaviest bag went to Dave Hambley, 21lb 6oz and the heaviest fish went to James Gilpin, aka King Cod, 11lb 8oz.

Results: 1 D Hambley with 5 fish for 21lb 6oz, 2 M Garbutt 2 fish for 15lb 13oz, 3 N Inglis 5 fish for 15lb 9oz, 4 M Beedle 2 fish for 9lb 1oz, 5 J Allison (Jnr) 2 fish for 8lb 2oz, 6 C Stainthorpe 2 fish for 7lb 5oz, 7 M Lamb 2 fish for 7lb 1oz, 8 A Cass 2 fish for 4lb 3oz, 9 M Bowman 1 fish for 4lb 1oz, 10 R Allison 1 fish for 4lb, 11 D Perrett 2 fish for 3lb, 12 I Simpson 2 fish for 2lb 13oz, 13 P Horbury 1 fish for 1lb 4oz, 14 S Moore 2 fish for 15oz, 15 W Atkinson 1 fish for 7oz.