Grange two shots clear to win Whitby Midweek Medal

After the excitement of Scarborough Golf Week and the Open Weekend, things returned to normal at Whitby Golf Club with the Midweek Medal last Wednesday.

This was won by Brian Grange with 69. Richard Appleton was second on 71 and Billy Hardy, Steve Foster and Martin Shackleton had 72.

James Morrison had a 68 to win Division One of the September Medal. Kieran Noble had 69, and James Jewell, Martin Shackleton, Peter C Brown and Alistair Lyth had 71.

Division Two was won by John McMurran with 70, beating Roger Davison and Brian Grange on the back nine. Steve Thornton had 72 and Mike Storr 75.

The RNLI Medal was troubled by windy and, at times wet conditions, so Graham Wicking’s winning score of 69 was very creditable.

Richard Brown had 74 and Steve Foster 76.

There is a Texas Scramble on Saturday (21 Sep) and this is followed by the 36-hole Stein Trophy on Sunday. There is a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday.

With awful weather conditions on Tuesday, no-one played in the Ladies’ Medal, so this will be re-arranged.

The first Scarborough and District Winter Alliance meeting takes place at Bridlington on Saturday (21 Sep). This is also the Ben Fell Trophy from the end of the 2012-13 season, so the aggregate of all eight scores go towards that.

Whitby team: 10.08 D Bennett & T McConville; 10.16 J Jewell & A Dent; 10.24 S Purvis & C Noble; 10.32 K Noble & R Scott; 12.16 R Brown & C Eglon; 12.24 R Sisson & P Easton; 12.32 S Wiggins & A Lyth; 12.40 M Brown & J Wightman. The next Alliance is at Driffield on Saturday October 5.

Rabbits should note the Alliance fixture at Whitby has been brought forward one week to Friday October 4.

This week’s winner of the 200 Club is Ron Anderson.

Tony’s Tip: continuing last week’s theme of bunker play, it is necessary to vary your approach to play in different sand conditions, and this can change very quickly.

When the sand is dry and fluffy, and there is plenty of it, you can afford to aim a couple of inches behind the ball; the club will still travel easily through the light sand.

However if the sand is wet and becomes compacted it is difficult to move the club through it, so you will need to aim nearer to the ball.