Gibson finally secures trophy

AFTER quite a number of near misses this season, Simon Gibson won the Midweek Medal on Wednesday with a nett 64.

Brian Jamieson was only one shot behind on 65, with junior member Luke Asbury and greenkeeper Paul Ventress on 67.

Robin Sisson, Peter C Brown, Richard Brown and Andrew Wood had 68.

Mike Harper scored 40 points to win the Stableford played on Saturday, just one point better than Richard Barker.

Martin Shackleton, Simon Walker and Tam McConville had 37, with Alastair Lyth on 36. Peter Scholey, Jim Hall, Graham Robinson, Dave Weatherill and Paul Ventress had 35.

The Preston Cup, played on Sunday, was won by Matthew Thompson with a nett 66. Martin Shackleton had 67 with Mark McBurney, Richard Brown, Simon Grant, Alastair Lyth, Dave Weatherill and James Jewell on 68.

The junior section played for the Colonel Henry Trophies on the same day. There were no juniors playing from the red tees, but the white tees trophy was won by Luke Asbury with 1 down against the card, the same score as Mike Coates but with a better last three holes.

Kieran Noble was just one hole behind on 2 down.

This Saturday (30 July) sees Men’s Invitation Day with the tee booked from 8.30am to 2pm. Sunday’s competition is the Elliot Cup and it will be the August Midweek Medal on Wednesday (3 August).

The following Sunday (7 August), sees the next mixed competition, the Simpson Cup Mixed Foursomes, with tee times from 1pm to 2.30pm.

The seniors’ section has a match against Malton at home on Thursday (4 August) teeing off at 9am. If you would like to play put your name on the list for selection.

Mrs Rachel Coxon was this week’s winner of £100 in the 200 Club draw.

Tony’s Tip: can you spare 10 minutes each time you play golf? When you watch the best players about to play their next round of golf, you will see them take an hour to an hour and a half steadily loosening up and getting into a rhythm, getting the pace of the greens.

If these players, very fit athletes most of them, need this, how much more should generally older and less fit golfers need?

This isn’t an ideal world, and I don’t suppose for a minute that the majority of club players would ever take the time to loosen up like the pros (even though it would benefit them if they did!) but just spending ten minutes making some easy swings with a short iron, stroking a few drivers in the net and finishing with some putts to get a feel of the greens would make a marked difference to your game.

Try it and see!