German Ocean Rowing Races 2012

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The second round of races of the 2012 season again has to be cancelled due to poor sea conditions, the races would be held over the following evenings.

First race Boys Under 16 gave Friendship their first win of the evening, Jack Stewart’s crew taking a good lead from early on, to finish several lengths clear of Danny Buck’s crew for Fishermans.

Second race Girls Under 16, again Friendship girls took the lead and held on to win Morgan Russell’s crew taking first place, with Chloe Scarth taking second for Fishermans.

Mens Vets third race, the mens race made it a hat rick of wins, Mike Brown’s crew for Friendship won by a good margin. James Kilpatrick’s crew for Fishermans pulled away from a pack of 3 boats around the Spa to take second place.

Fourth race Ladies Vets, this turned into the race of the night, Kath Brown’s crew for Friendship pulled away from Fishermans Karen Spencer’s crew, Friendship keeping a half to three quarters of a boat length lead, by the Spa Fishermans had pulled level, going into pier ends both crews turned in together racing neck and neck up the harbour, racing up the harbour the crews gave both clubs support something to shout for. A do or die battle continued, by the __________ buoys Cath Brown’s crew pulled slightly ahead to take first with Karen Spencer’s crew taking a very close second.

The final race Men’s German Ocean on Friday evening gave Scarborough their first visit to Whitby for 2012 season.

Once again sea conditions play its part, the course out to the bell buoy could not be rowed, a shorter race would be from the pier ends into Sandsend Bay round a marker back to the fish pier, making racing time around 45.50 mins. Scarborough took a very early lead with B Hewitt’s crew, the Friendship crew of Luke Clarkson gave chase but could not catch and finished second, Scarborough taking a commanding finish.


Boys Under 16, Board Inn Trophy - Friendship

Girls Under 16, Hadley Trophy - Friendship

Mens Vets, Ronnie Brewster Trophy - Friendship

Ladies Vets Percy Williams Trophy - Friendship

German Ocean, German Ocean Trophy - Scarborough


Men’s German Ocean: 1 Scarborough Will Sheader: B Hewitt, S Taylor, G Woodward, D Sharp; 2 Friendship Pegasus: Luke Clarkson, Ryan Lowther, James Kendrew, Ryan Slightholme, Cox: Ben Betts; 3 Scarborough Edward Brown: R Law, J Anderson, M Young, S Woodward.

Ladies Vets German Ocean: 1 Friendship Pegasus: Kath Locker, Mandy Davidson, Rebecca Smith, Gill Locker, Cox: Morgan Russell; 2 Fisherlads Relentless: Karen Spencer, Sue Crabtree, Jackie Howard, Helen Myers, Dev Howard; 3 Fisherlads HenryElla: Carole Parkin, Emma Garbutt, Marie Humble, Tracey Coverdale, Cox: Ste Humble.

Mens Vets German Ocean: 1 Friendship Pegasus: M Brown, A Smurthwaite, J Storr, P Betts, Cox: Ben Betts; 2 Fisherlads Relentless: James Kilpatrick, Kev Wilson, Nathan Brown, Ste Humble, Cox: Danny Buck; 3 Friendship Scoresby: D Clarkson,

R Harrison, R Green, S Wilson, Cox: A Clarkson.

Boys Under 16 German Ocean: 1 Friendship Scoresby: Jack Stewart, Ben Betts, Ryan Moth, Ellis Upton, Cox: Luke Clarkson;

2 Fisherlads Relentless: Danny Buck, Sam Fussey, Jem Dring, Joe Brown, Cox: Ste Humble; 3 Friendship Chomley: R Hare, G Green, T Ellis, L Clarkson, Cox: A Clarkson.

Girls German Ocean: 1 Friendship Scoresby: Morgan Russell, Amy Clarkson, Amillia Sleightholme, Millie Storr, Cox: Ben Betts; 2 Fisherlads Relentless: Chloe Scarth, Kira Stevens, Charlotte Hall, Leah Belchamber, Cox: Matt Kendrew; 3 (no club name) Prospect: Jess Scarth, Ashleigh Myers, Beth Pearson, Katie Wallace, Cox: Jamie Brown