GB star Cara happy with Le Mans display

Cara Shardlow and Detonator impressed in Le Mans for Great Britain
Cara Shardlow and Detonator impressed in Le Mans for Great Britain

Dressage star Cara Shardlow earned some respectable finishes while representing Great Britain in an international event at Le Mans.

After a two-day journey to France, Shardlow’s horse Detonator coped very well, arriving on the Wednesday.

She said: “He flew through the official trot up on the Thursday to check he was sound to compete.

“Friday was the Prix St George class, he was very buzzed up by the atmosphere it was a very busy arena, with shops all around the side and lots of people.

“This meant he wouldn’t relax in the walk which he would normally get good marks for. But other than that he contained himself to finish on 65.37% leaving us in a very respectable 21st place out of nearly 40 horses from around the world.

“The next day was the Intermediate One. He was more settled and produced a good test with just one costly mistake on the three time changes leaving us on 66.50% and 18th place.”

Shardlow was pleased with this display but a bit disappointed as the top 15 go into the Kur class on the last day.

She decided to leave on Sunday morning to miss the trouble in Calais, but while they were en route someone else pulled out and the duo could have competed in the Kur class.

She added: “I am thrilled with how well we did, to finish in the top 20 in the Intermediate One was fantastic, the standard of horses and riders was amazing and just to get the chance to compete for Great Britain with them abroad has been a brilliant experience, we learned a lot.

“I have actually got onto the wait list for Roosendaal in Germany in December, but I have withdrawn as I just can’t fund another abroad trip this year.

“I’m planning on doing another one early next year if I can get the funds together and get selected, with the experience gained I’m sure we can improve or results next time.

“Another massive thank you to my sponsors Millbryhill, Horslyx, Saracens horse feeds and Wilf Nobles.”